Thursday, December 29, 2005

2 Months no Posting......

Quite a few things have happened since the last time I posted.

From scandals in the White House to a complete remodel of my home. Which I am still working on. LOL

White House Blues-

I must say that I think I am a bit disapointed with Bush so far this year. He hasnt shown enough poise for me. I still think he was the better of the two choices but I havent seen too much come from the administration other then the normal left wing media bashing.

The New York Times thing bothered me a bit at first with all the talk of secret wire taps but after more information on the wire taps was revealed I realized that as long as it was limited to the "bad guys" I think I am ok with it. The problem I see with giving a govt and that means any govt, too much power is that govts tend to abuse that power and overstep their boundaries.

I think there has to be a form of checks and balances in order to obtain a sense of order in the world. You cant just give a govt carte blanche on doing what ever it is they feel like doing. Which is part of my problem with this story and how it has developed.

Now before someone reads this I want to assure them that I am niether a Republican NOR a Democrat. Personally I see them both as corrupt in one way or another. I just happen to have some "conservative" thoughts and beliefs as well as some "liberal" ones. Hence why I registered as an independent to vote. I dont follow party lines on either issue to a tee.

On the Patriot Act. I believe in its power that it gives our law enforcement agenies as well as the power it gives our intel agencies. I just feel that it should always have a sunset clause. So that the two sides can hammer out some details from time to time. Make sure nothing is being overstepped. Perhaps every 2-3 years? That way it doesnt fall on an election year and all the political grandstanding that is done in washington can take a back seat to the real issue of fixing our intel gathering and law enforcement of terrorist activities.

On Iraq. I'll clarify my point on here as I have done countless times on forums debating politics. I was never for the war in the first place. I guess I was one of the few that never really thought saddam was much of a threat to the US as long as we kept him in a box. Yes the world I think is better off without a crazy dictator running a country but I don't think he was such a threat that a war was necessary. I always think war should be a far off resolution to a problem.

On that same note I truely do think that we need to stay in Iraq and make sure that the country gets some sort of stabalization and the Iraqi Police and Army can take over. Then I think we should do a gradual pull out but like every major conflict the US has been involved in not completely leave.

I predicted a gradual pull back in 2004 for mid 2005, But I didnt really consider the again political grandstanding that would need to take place for election time for senators. So in 2005 I moved that up to mid 2006. I think the Military will pull out 1/3 - 1/2 by then and another 1/2 of that by 2008. Leaving maybe 40K troops stationed in the area for the furture.

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