Tuesday, March 27, 2007

How Modern Liberals Think

Dude hits the nail on the head.

Folding @ Home

I have been hearing about this thing for some time now and recently saw it on my PS3 so it really got my attention.

I decided to do a little research on this program.
Turns out its legit and its very helpful and takes damn near no effort from people. It puts your computer to work for a good cause and I think EVERYONE should take part in this.

This is from the Sanford University Website

Our goal: to understand protein folding, misfolding, and related diseases

What is protein folding and how is folding linked to disease? Proteins are biology's workhorses -- its "nanomachines." Before proteins can carry out these important functions, they assemble themselves, or "fold." The process of protein folding, while critical and fundamental to virtually all of biology, in many ways remains a mystery.

Moreover, when proteins do not fold correctly (i.e. "misfold"), there can be serious consequences, including many well known diseases, such as Alzheimer's, Mad Cow (BSE), CJD, ALS, Huntington's, Parkinson's disease, and many Cancers and cancer-related syndromes.

You can help by simply running a piece of software. Folding@Home is a distributed computing project -- people from through out the world download and run software to band together to make one of the largest supercomputers in the world. Every computer makes the project closer to our goals.

Folding@Home uses novel computational methods coupled to distributed computing, to simulate problems thousands to millions of times more challenging than previously achieved.

What have we done so far? We have had several successes. You can read about them on our Science page, Results section, or go directly to our press and papers page.

Want to learn more? Click on the links on the left for downloads or more information. You can also download our Executive Summary, which is a PDF suitable for distribution. Also, you can learn more by watching recent seminars (Stanford BMI ; Xerox PARC). One can also help by donating funds to the project, via Stanford University.

Basically what you do is this.

Download the program: Folding @ Home Program
(Find your operating system. Most likely Microsoft XP)

Run the Program and install it.

"Next" your way through everything.

After the installation you will see this screen:

In the User Name area put your name or whatever name you'd like to put.

And under Team number put 45435

That is the team number that was created on another forum.

After you press okay, it'll look like the screen disappears. Just go to your taskbar, and you'll see a red flower thingy. Double click that, and a really cool screen will come up. That's the proteins being downloaded and processed.

You're on your way to helping solve diseases!

Its for a good cause. And wont effect your computers speed in anyway. It runs on the absolute minimum priority setting in your CPU memory. And other programs that need more memory to run are not effected.

I am running Adobe Photoshop - Excel - Fire Fox - Windowws Media Player - Outlook and an accounting program and everything is running just as before. No difference.

What this program BASICALLY does is take protein and FOLD it. It creates it into another combination that Sanford students then use for studying and finding diseases.

Further explanation can be found here: http://folding.stanford.edu/science.html

Please join up.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Breeding the Future Jihadists of Tomorrow

Palestinian TV is showing a music video in which a four-year-old girl sings the praises of her suicide bomber mother and vows to follow in her footsteps.

The little girl grasps a stick of dynamite from a drawer in her mother's dressing-table and says: "I will follow Mummy".

The shocking footage is being aired repeatedly on Al-Aqsa TV, the official station of the new Palestinian unity government headed by prime minister Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas, which seeks the destruction of Israel.

The video is shown between programmes without any accompanying commentary.

It shows a child actress playing four-year-old Duha Riyashi singing to her mother, Reem, as she prepares for a suicide bombing.

Reem Riyashi, a 22-year-old mother of two from Gaza, blew herself up at the entrance to a joint Israeli-Palestinian industrial zone in January 2004, killing four Israelis.

She was the first mother to join the grim death-roll of suicide bombers and the first woman despatched on such a mission by Hamas.

In the two minute video the young child sings as her mother prepares the bomb next to her dressing-table in the bedroom.

She sings: "Mommy, what are you carrying in your arms instead of me? A toy or a present for me?"

Later, she sees the news of her mother's suicide on television and realizes her mother was carrying a bomb.

At first, the child cries for her mummy, begging her to come and put her and her brother to bed.

But then she sings: "Instead of me you carried a bomb in your hands / Only now, I know what was more precious than us / May your steps be blessed".

At the end of the video, Duha opens the dressing-table drawer to find a stick of explosives like the ones used in suicide bomb belts.

Grasping the deadly material, she vows to copy her mother:

"My love will not be words / I will follow Mummy in her steps," she sings.

Days before her death, Riyashi posed for the camera holding an AK-47 assault rifle in one arm and in the other her year-old son whose tiny fingers are grasping a bomb.

Her two young children were interviewed on Al-Aqsa TV earlier this month Duha was encouraged to recite a poem called "Mama Reem". "Reem, you are a fire bomb, Your children and submachine gun are your motto," chanted the little girl.

Now they are training children with Music video's.
Parents used to just have to worry about bad lyrics and curse words.
But this! Is an all new low.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

An all new low for terrorists.

Iraq insurgents used children in car bombing: general

Insurgents in Iraq detonated an explosives-rigged vehicle with two children in the back seat after US soldiers let it through a Baghdad checkpoint over the weekend, a senior US military official said Tuesday.

The vehicle was stopped at the checkpoint but was allowed through when soldiers saw the children in the back, said Major General Michael Barbero of the Pentagon's Joint Staff.

"Children in the back seat lowered suspicion. We let it move through. They parked the vehicle, and the adults ran out and detonated it with the children in the back," Barbero said.

The general said it was the first time he had seen a report of insurgents using children in suicide bombings. But he said Al-Qaeda in Iraq is changing tactics in response to the tighter controls around the city.

A US defense official said the incident occurred on Sunday in Baghdad's Adhamiyah district, a mixed neighborhood adjacent to Sadr City, which is predominantly Shiite.

After going through the checkpoint, the vehicle parked next to a market across the street from a school, said the official, who asked not to be identified.

"And the two adults were seen to get out of the vehicle, and run from the vehicle, and then followed by the detonation of the vehicle," the official said.

"It killed the two children inside as well as three other civilians in the vicinity. So, a total of five killed, seven injured," the official said.

Officials here said they did not know who the children were or their relationship to the two adults who fled the scene. They had no information about their ages or genders.

"The brutality and the ruthlessness of this enemy hasn't changed," said Barbero, deputy director of regional operations of the Joint Staff. "They are just interested in slaughtering Iraqi civilians, to be very honest."

WTF? These children were part of the Jihad?
Part of the insurgency how? MY GOD! Children!

And here I am having arguments with people on the tactics used to interrogate these bastards, when they don't even value the lives of the most innocent of them all. CHILDREN!

We should just tickle them instead!
Dick Durbin Style!

That will show'em.

Spending plan hypocrisy?

A key House panel Wednesday began debating a Democratic budget plan to boost spending for domestic programs while assuming that a variety of popular tax cuts expire at the end of the decade.

The House Budget Committee took up the $2.9 trillion plan, which envisions big increases for homeland security, veterans health care and aid to local schools. A late-night vote was expected.

The House budget plan, like a companion version before the full Senate, promises a federal surplus in five years -- if President Bush's tax cuts indeed disappear and, as a result, more revenue flows into the federal treasury.

So now democrats want to increase pork spending. Something they stated they wanted to correct as part of their campaigns.

Here we are not what 5 months later following their win and BAM. Pork spending.

But that is not the only hypocrisy in all of this.

Republicans blasted the Democratic budget for its hefty spending increases and its assumption that lower taxes on income, married couples, inheritances and investments will expire at the end of 2010 as current law states.

"The best way to balance the budget is to control spending, not raise taxes," said top panel Republican Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.

I don't know what Mr. Ryan is on or what planet he was on the last 6 years. But Republicans were spending like drunken sailors. Now they want to somehow reign it all in? WHERE WAS THE LEADERSHIP ON PORK SPENDING WHEN YOU HAD CONTROL.

Please Mr Ryan. Spare me the BULLSHIT.
And that goes for all republicans. Don't go off now making it seem like spending is a Democrat problem. When there was plenty of opportunities when you all were in power to correct things. But you failed. And were removed.

Billy has it all wrong...

Not Clinton; Gates.

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, the world's richest man, said on Tuesday the United States should reform its immigration laws and give more flexibility to higher-skilled foreign workers.

Speaking at a conference in Mexico, the birthplace of millions of immigrants to the United States, Gates said reforms "would be helpful so we are predictable, so we are clear."

Its not high skilled workers coming into the country illegally. Its low skilled workers with no skills at all. What does he somehow think that adding more low skilled workers will make legal citizens more highly skilled?

I think Bill Gates is upset he needs to pay his programmers six figures when he can bring in an Indian for 1/3 that cost.

Either that or his 10,000 Acre Land needs more workers to do landscaping. I don't know which is his top priority yet.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

That is it?

Chief Family Court Judge Jeremiah S. Jeremiah Jr. sentenced Rebecca Arnold of Woonsocket, and her boyfriend, David Prata, to probation and a three-year suspended sentence after they pleaded no contest to a felony child neglect charge.

The judge said he wanted to spare the young girl, now 11, from testifying, according to Michael Healey, a spokesman for Attorney General Patrick Lynch.

During an investigation by the state child welfare authorities, Prata, 33, said he and Arnold, 36, had sex "all the time" in front of the child and that "we don't believe in hiding anything." He told an investigator that they did not force the girl to watch.

The allegations surfaced in December 2004 after the girl went to live with her father in North Adams, Massachusetts, after spending the summer with her mother in Woonsocket.

A teacher called a child abuse hotline to report that the girl said her mother and her boyfriend had sex in front of her. Woonsocket police arrested the couple February 2005.

Why the HELL are they not a Sex offenders list?
What the hell is wrong with this judge. The pleaded guilty. Hit them with the book. Both sides if possible.

Researchers Question Validity Of A 'Global Temperature'

One of those news articles that are way to good to just bookmark and file away under another Global Warming Debunking stack.

Discussions on global warming often refer to 'global temperature.' Yet the concept is thermodynamically as well as mathematically an impossibility, says Bjarne Andresen, a professor at The Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen, who has analyzed this topic in collaboration with professors Christopher Essex from University of Western Ontario and Ross McKitrick from University of Guelph, Canada.

It is generally assumed that the atmosphere and the oceans have grown warmer during the recent 50 years. The reason for this point of view is an upward trend in the curve of measurements of the so-called 'global temperature'. This is the temperature obtained by collecting measurements of air temperatures at a large number of measuring stations around the Globe, weighing them according to the area they represent, and then calculating the yearly average according to the usual method of adding all values and dividing by the number of points.

Average without meaning

"It is impossible to talk about a single temperature for something as complicated as the climate of Earth", Bjarne Andresen says, an an expert of thermodynamics. "A temperature can be defined only for a homogeneous system. Furthermore, the climate is not governed by a single temperature. Rather, differences of temperatures drive the processes and create the storms, sea currents, thunder, etc. which make up the climate".

He explains that while it is possible to treat temperature statistically locally, it is meaningless to talk about a a global temperature for Earth. The Globe consists of a huge number of components which one cannot just add up and average. That would correspond to calculating the average phone number in the phone book. That is meaningless. Or talking about economics, it does make sense to compare the currency exchange rate of two countries, whereas there is no point in talking about an average 'global exchange rate'.

If temperature decreases at one point and it increases at another, the average will remain the same as before, but it will give rise to an entirely different thermodynamics and thus a different climate. If, for example, it is 10 degrees at one point and 40 degrees at another, the average is 25 degrees. But if instead there is 25 degrees both places, the average is still 25 degrees. These two cases would give rise to two entirely different types of climate, because in the former case one would have pressure differences and strong winds, while in the latter there would be no wind.

Many averages

A further problem with the extensive use of 'the global temperature' is that there are many ways of calculating average temperatures.

Example 1: Take two equally large glasses of water. The water in one glass is 0 degrees, in the other it is 100 degrees. Adding these two numbers and dividing by two yields an average temperature of 50 degrees. That is called the arithmetic average.

Example 2: Take the same two glasses of water at 0 degrees and 100 degrees, respectively. Now multiply those two numbers and take the square root, and you will arrive at an average temperature of 46 degrees. This is called the geometric average. (The calculation is done in degrees Kelvin which are then converted back to degrees Celsius.)

The difference of 4 degrees is the energy which drives all the thermodynamic processes which create storms, thunder, sea currents, etc.

Claims of disaster?

These are but two examples of ways to calculate averages. They are all equally correct, but one needs a solid physical reason to choose one above another. Depending on the averaging method used, the same set of measured data can simultaneously show an upward trend and a downward trend in average temperature. Thus claims of disaster may be a consequence of which averaging method has been used, the researchers point out.

What Bjarne Andresen and his coworkers emphasize is that physical arguments are needed to decide whether one averaging method or another is needed to calculate an average which is relevant to describe the state of Earth.

Reference: C. Essex, R. McKitrick, B. Andresen: Does a Global Temperature Exist?; J. Non-Equil. Thermod. vol. 32, p. 1-27 (2007).

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I thought the Increased Security was a bad thing?

All the talk about the troop surge putting more soldiers in harms way doesn't seem to be playing out the way the MSM media or the Democrats/Liberals wanted it to turn out. Seems as though that with INCREASED security, there is a DECREASE in attacks. Funny how that works right?

Baghdad security crackdown seriously curbs killings of US soldiers

BAGHDAD, March 14 (KUNA) -- The rate of killings of US troops in Iraq has been on the decline, down by 60 percent, since the launch of the new security measures in Baghdad, according to statistics revealed by the Multi-National Force -Iraq Combined Press Information Centre.

Only 17 members of the US military in Iraq have been killed since February 14 till March 13, compared to 42 from January 13 to February 13; the rate was on the decline during the first month of the security crackdown, compared to a month before.

Two of the 17 soldiers died at US Baghdad camps of non-combat causes.

The remarkable decrease in killings among the US troops came at a time when more of these troops were deployed in the Iraqi capital, especially in districts previously regarded as extremely hazardous for them such as Al-Sadr City, Al-Azamiyah, and Al-Doura.

Meanwhile, US attacks on insurgent strongholds north of Baghdad curbed attacks against helicopters. Before the new security plan, many such craft were downed leaving 20 soldiers dead.

The US army in Iraq had earlier said that sectarian fighting and violence in Baghdad had dropped sharply, by about 80 percent, since the launch of the plan.

The statistics excluded US troops killed in other governorates such as Al-Anbar, Diyala, and Salahiddin.

As to the latest human losses, the US army announced Wednesday that two American soldiers had been killed, one in southern Baghdad and the other northeast of the capital.(end) ahh.
KUNA 141130 Mar 07NNNN

Similar to the crime DROP in NYC with Rudy.
Increased patrols and police officers lead to a DECREASE in violent crimes. What a crazy concept huh?

I found this rather funny considering there haven't been as many reports on the usual suspects CNN, NBC, New York Times, LA times etc of troop deaths.

You get tallied daily on troops killed by insurgents and terrorists but where was the tally on the 2000 days without a terrorist attack on US soil? Nowhere.

Now Global Warming is Causing ROACH MIGRATION?

Climate change blamed for cockroach migration

Climate change is being blamed for a changing of the guard among Sydney's cockroach population.

Researchers say the most common sub-species in city households was the german cockroach, until it disappeared about seven years ago.

Martyn Robinson from the Australian Museum says the Australian house cockroach, methana marginalus, which likes warmer climates, has begun moving in.

"It's most likely to be the...warmer climate," he said.

"They certainly have appeared for many many years just on little spot occurrences where somebody will find this funny little cockroach that's probably come in on their suitcase from a trip up to Queensland.

"Quite likely these ones have also arrived down the same way but they are now breeding."

Anyone really taking this crap seriously?
Roach Migrations? Maybe the reason the Roaches left was because they were all KILLED! Damn.

Israeli Palestinian Conflict.....

Some Powerful video's that I wanted to make sure I post up for all to see.
Many of these videos get lost on You Tube.

First one is very powerful from a girl that can be no more then 16 I think.

Dr. Walid Pharis

Children talking about the GREATNESS that is Shahada.
Which is Suicide Bombing.
The oddest thing is that it comes from two females. Seeing as in Islam a women does not get the 72 virgins I fail to see the passion and the method for the indoctrination.

In Palestine and Lebanon teaching children to HATE Jews. Not Zionists. JEWS. Teaching them that they are pigs etc. That their job is to throw down their toys and pick up weapons.

Firing from Qana.

Even in Argentina the Jews are bombed

During the war with Israel this last summer in 2006. Hezbullah was accused of using UN Ambulances to transport fighters. Hezbullah denied that. But it seems that they were lying of that as well. There was global anger towards Israel when CNN and other outlets showed the bombing of a UN Ambulance. It seems from this video that is was justified.

Many Muslims have denied that burnings of Synagogues of buildings and irrigation systems, pipes etc. This video shows otherwise following the pull out of Israelis from Gaza.

I am sure following this post. I will be called the regular names. Jew Lover, Slave, Zionist loving pig, etc etc. But this is the reality of the hatred that is being BRED on the Muslim side of the conflict. The side that many TRY to deny. But it is real.

This conflict will I think not end any time soon. Especially with a whole new breed of kids being raised and trained for war. What kind of society is this?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

This is way too good to pass up....

A North Pole expedition meant to bring attention to global warming was called off after one of the explorers got frostbite. The explorers, Ann Bancroft and Liv Arnesen, on Saturday called off what was intended to be a 530-mile trek across the Arctic Ocean after Arnesen suffered frostbite in three of her toes, and extreme cold temperatures drained the batteries in some of their electronic equipment.

Not that I want to laugh at someone getting frost bite but.... LMFAO!!!!

I thought everything up there was melting? Palm Trees were being planted and Polar Bears were looking for Ocean Front Property in Australia. WTF? Frost bite?

"Ann said losing toes and going forward at all costs was never part of the journey," said Ann Atwood, who helped organize the expedition.

Well no DUH!!
But what were they expecting? Summer time weather in a region of the world that averages temperatures of -60 degrees?

Then there was the cold — quite a bit colder, Atwood said, then Bancroft and Arnesen had expected. One night they measured the temperature inside their tent at 58 degrees below zero, and outside temperatures were exceeding 100 below zero at times, Atwood said.

What ever happened to the Ozone layer melting everything up there? CO2 Gases making everything melt away. Kinda a bad thing to look for signs of global warming in a place where its so damn cold you would need electricity to stay warm.

Hopefully she fully recovers.
But something tells me that she still believes in Global Warming.

Now this one I did not see coming.....

The New York Times telling Gore to chill on the Global Warming Hype?

Hollywood has a thing for Al Gore and his three-alarm film on global warming, “An Inconvenient Truth,” which won an Academy Award for best documentary. So do many environmentalists, who praise him as a visionary, and many scientists, who laud him for raising public awareness of climate change.

But part of his scientific audience is uneasy. In talks, articles and blog entries that have appeared since his film and accompanying book came out last year, these scientists argue that some of Mr. Gore’s central points are exaggerated and erroneous. They are alarmed, some say, at what they call his alarmism.

“I don’t want to pick on Al Gore,” Don J. Easterbrook, an emeritus professor of geology at Western Washington University, told hundreds of experts at the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America. “But there are a lot of inaccuracies in the statements we are seeing, and we have to temper that with real data.”

Wait a minute there.
I though there was no more discussion and everyone was on the same page? New York Times going to issue an editorial on this little flub?

Mr. Gore, in an e-mail exchange about the critics, said his work made “the most important and salient points” about climate change, if not “some nuances and distinctions” scientists might want. “The degree of scientific consensus on global warming has never been stronger,” he said, adding, “I am trying to communicate the essence of it in the lay language that I understand.”

Nope not going to. Gore again with the "consensus" on global warming being real.
Even though he doesn't say a single thing in his entire "Documentary" about the 40+% of CO2 that comes from Cows, Pigs, Chickens and the process for us to eat those meats.

The same thing he was ripped a new on by PETA recently. That isn't a new phenomenon at all. Heck it seems like only a Vegan Hippie living in the mountains cleaning his ass with coconut leafs is the only Carbon friendly person on the planet.

Heck even the valentines day flowers you sent your wives was a cause of Global Warming.

Soon we will not only have to buy carbon credits but also, meat eating credits and since we give off CO2 when we breath lets up the anti and charge you all for BREATHING! Tax everything! You want blood. TAX! The plastic used to store the blood is not Carbon Friendly.

Geez. Where does it end?

Talk about Ungrateful.

All people can do is complain. It seems like its the new mantra or rather an old mantra more reported then before.

The rules at Oprah Winfrey's ultra-posh school at Henley-on-Klip near Johannesburg are apparently so strict they make a reformatory look like a holiday resort.

That's the word from upset parents, who say the school rules make it difficult for them to keep contact with their children.

They would have aired their concerns during a satellite link-up with the chat show queen a week ago, but that was canceled at short notice by the school's management body.

Meanwhile the school seems to have made the rules even stricter. Until now, the girls could receive visitors every fortnight, but parents can now only visit them once a month.

Big deal.
There are boarding schools that are just as strict if not more so here in the US. You are given the OPPORTUNITY at a great education free of any outside influence and what do the parents do they complain!

In a report in the country’s Witness newspaper they complained that they were only allowed to visit their children once a month and one claimed they were banned from smuggling in junk food treats.

Ohh the horror. They can't eat junk food!
Damn all this whining. What is wrong with these people.
When presented with an awesome opportunity to have a quality education for a country that lacks that in SPADES they want to complain about not being able to bring their kids a Snickers bar? Oprah puts up her own money where her mouth is and does something great and this is the Thanks she gets.

That is just WRONG man. Seriously.

Its all over folks....

That is it.

An American Legacy is done.
I have not read Comic Books in YEARS. But no one in America can say they never heard of the 1940's Marvel Super Hero. Captain America. But he has been killed.

Marvel killed him off the Comic books in what seems to be some sort of post 9/11 universe in the Marvel Universe that superheros were supposed to register their powers with the Federal Govt and those that refused were arrested and hunted down. A civil war ensues within the Super Hero world. Something I think is actually coming in America.

But WTF to kill Captain America!?

It was bad enough to see the New "Superman" and see this new metro-sexual form of what was once my favorite super hero. This maroon colored outfit. Ok but when you remove the classic lines "Truth Justice and the AMERICAN WAY"! You loose the character himself.

But now liberals that have morphed into the next comic artists of the world have shot and killed Captain America. How low can you possibly go!

Its all over man. America is done.

The big one comming?

Noticing a slight trend here.

CLEVELAND -- A representative from the Golden Colorado Seismic Center confirms there was some type of a small earthquake.
Preliminary reports say the magnitude was 3.6 and the location was 4 miles south of Mantua.

Viewers from Aurora, Brecksville, Brunswick, Chagrin Falls, Hudson, Macedonia, Northfield, North Royalton, Reminderville, Richfield, Silver Lake, Solon, Stow, Streetsboro, Twinsburg, Walton Hills, as well as a number of other cities felt the rumble.

There have been no reports of damage.

This is the latest in earthquakes and global activities that seem out of place perhaps? A Volcano eruption last week in Montserrat A week before that a Volcano in Columbia erupts and then an Earth Quake in the Dominican Republic this weekend. Earlier today also a Volcano in Russia erupts?

All coincidental?
I hope so. But the fact that California hasn't had a major Earth Quake is a bit concerning. Cali people, make sure you have your kits ready. But lets all hope this is not a prelude to the BIG ONE.

You know what?

They should have let that mother#$!@$ burn!

Mexico has sent a diplomatic note to the United States objecting to an alleged incursion into Mexican territory by U.S. Border Patrol agents in Arizona trying to extinguish a fire, the country's Foreign Relations Department said Tuesday.

The incursion allegedly took place on Monday, as Border Patrol agents stationed in Sonoita were trying to quash a brush fire on the U.S. side that quickly spread into Mexico, the department said.

Its bad enough that we are basically 33% of your GDP with money from the US from Illegals here that you openly support to come over. But to get pissed cause we even used OUR RESOURCES to put out a fire for you. I mean. WTF!?

We should have let the whole damn thing burn and head right on down straight to Cancun. Ungrateful bastards.

"The Foreign Relations Department has expressed to the U.S. Embassy via a diplomatic note, its rejection of the incursion," the Mexican government's news release said.

"While the department recognizes that the incursion may have been a response to an attempt to deal with an emergency, as the U.S. Embassy states, it has reiterated ... that even during emergency situations, it is required, without exception, to immediately notify the Mexican authorities."

How about the daily incursion from your side by your citizens. How about send us a daily notice on the thousands that you allow to be smuggled into this nation to support your economy? You kidding me with this Bull?

More reason for the US to make sure we ship every last illegal right back.

Sealing his own fate

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) is skipping his fourth conservative gathering in two months, declining an invitation to speak at the Club for Growth’s winter meeting despite his fellow 2008 hopefuls’ commitments to appear.

McCain raised eyebrows in Republican circles and among his own supporters last month by turning down a chance to address the Conservative Political Action Conference, which bills itself as the nation’s largest conservative conference. McCain was also a no-show at the Heritage Foundation’s members’ retreat this year and at the National Review Institute’s conservative summit.

Why bother running then Senator?
You aren't even showing up for the gatherings that would help you. Or put to light your horrible record.

You are a hero Mr. McCain. An American hero. But your stances alone wont get you elected. These actions just seal that fate. There wont have to be a campaign against you. You are doing that alone.

Iran needs to take the stick out of their @$$

An Iranian official on Sunday lashed out at the Hollywood movie "300" for insulting the Persian civilization, local Fars News Agency reported.

Javad Shamqadri, an art advisor to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, accused the new movie of being "part of a comprehensive U.S. psychological war aimed at Iranian culture", said the report.

LOL.. That is the first I have heard of Hollywood following along with ANYTHING that the US government says. Let me guess Bush made the call to some big wigs in Hollywood and told them to make a film about the Persians?

Shamqadri was quoted as saying "following the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Hollywood and cultural authorities in the U.S. initiated studies to figure out how to attack Iranian culture," adding "certainly, the recent movie is a product of such studies."

Yeap I guess he really believes this.

The Irony of all of this is that Shamqardi is also a film maker.
No doubt in my mind he is probably a Jew hating film maker. Portraying the Jews as demons and pigs.

Bottom line it is a movie. And judging from the latest numbers. A RECORD breaking movie. More based on America's thirst for blood and gore then on Iranian or Perisan hate. That is for sure.

Why would Sharptons endoresemnt matter?

This is the latest now coming in from the Obama rally.
Sharpton doesn't support him yet? Sooo WHAT? Sharpton can't even win an election in NYC for mayor in the primaries. What is the big deal with wanting his endorsement in the Presidential Elections?

And what money is going to be coming from Sharpton endorsements?
I mean lets be real here.

It seems like despite Sharptons claims of not "caring" about Obama's CLEAR lead over Hilary or more importantly even Sharptons own image nation widee. He does care.

I love how one of the people questioned answer to the question of "How do you feel about a Sharpton support of Obama?"

"I don't care. I have my own mind"

Same here man. Same here.

Monday, March 12, 2007

I thought Chavez was against Bush?

Now I have been hearing from Liberals for some time now that Chavez's opposition is NOT against the US and its system of Government or its Economic system but Bush.

Well even in his speech he says that he is AGAINST the US!

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez called Sunday for a socialist counterattack against the American "empire," taking his campaign to upstage President Bush's Latin American tour to a packed gymnasium in a poor, indigenous Bolivian city.

"The empire is in counterattack, with the head of the empire himself leading the attack," Chavez said of the U.S. "And why? Because they realize that the popular Latin American offensive is for real."

He said now was the time for Latin America's newly socialist countries to fight back.

"We have resisted for a long time. But no one wins a battle always staying on the defensive," he said. "This is no longer a time for defense. This is a time for attack. Let loose the charging cavalry!"

More here

Gen. Tommy Franks sets the record STRAIGHT!

So there have been a LOT of BS being put out there by the left on Bush. That he fired Franks cause they differed on opinion, he and Rumsfeld bumped heads that he is a puppet etc etc.

Franks talks about this and more.


* President Bush was never in a rush to invade Iraq.

* Bush was always a good leader – calm, studious and deliberative – and was never steam-rolled by his top advisors, but was always his own man.

* Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld is getting a bum rap.

* No administration would have allowed Iraq to continue with business-as-usual after 9/11.

* There was plenty of planning and preparation for post-invasion operations in Iraq.

* There is a definable limit to what the U.S. will tolerate as to Iran and Syria's interference in Iraq.

* The Walter Reed hospital debacle resulted from "failed leadership."

On Rumsfeld:

How about Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld standing down from his post?

Gen. Franks: We need to be very careful as Americans not to confuse patriotism with political expediency. What I mean is it makes sense to me that Don Rumsfeld left the post as Secretary of Defense.

When he did, I didn't question that decision at all, but I do question those who say he was a terrible Secretary of Defense, because I did not find that to be the case. I told a lot of people Don Rumsfeld is a contrarian.

When he was the Secretary of Defense, he was very tough on himself and on everyone around him. I have also described him as a crotchety guy, and he is just tough to deal with. I have also told a great many people that Don Rumsfeld is a friend of mine. I still talk to him, and on occasion when [wife] Cathy and I are in Washington, we will go out to eat with him and [wife] Joyce.

The guy is an American patriot. He was an American patriot. He is just a touchy guy to get along with.

Read the rest here

Racism in Cuba?

Wait a minute here.
I thought according to all liberals this was abolished and the only real racist place left was the USA?
And coming from a KNOWN leftist is even more SHOCKING!

Race still matters in Cuba. As much as Fidel Castro tried to purge this country of its racist past when he proclaimed the equality of all Cubans in 1959, racism lingers beneath the facade of Cuba’s communist solidarity.

“Fidel has tried to do his best, but he can’t change what’s in a man’s heart,” Terrero said of the subtle racism that has replaced the overt bigotry outlawed by Castro.

The official position of the Cuban government is that it doesn’t tolerate racial discrimination — and there are signs it’s making a sincere effort to wipe out racial inequalities. But in Havana, you don’t have to go out of your way to find evidence of racial imbalance in this country of 11.4 million people. Two-thirds of those people are of African descent, according to the 2007 CIA World Factbook.

It’s hard to find a black doorman at one of Havana’s fashionable hotels, where tips from tourists make the job one of the highest paying in Cuba. At trendy restaurants like El Aljibe, where waiters can earn more tip money in a night than most Cubans earn in a month, black waiters are hard to find.

So the argument when I point this out to liberals is that "Its cause of the white people that go there that Castro does that" or some other ridiculous comment of the sort.

So then someone please explain this then:
There are few blacks on newscasts or talk shows on the government-run television network. And in all of the meetings I’ve had with Cuban government officials over the years, I’ve encountered few blacks in top-level positions.

During a dinner meeting I attended with him in 1999, Castro acknowledged that one of the serious shortcomings of his revolution was the belief that Cuba’s racist past could be wiped out by simple proclamation.

He said then that he realized his government had to back up its words with action. But that effort hasn’t produced enough results

Funny you don't really here that part of the coverage via liberal/slanter's. Yet here is is.

I wonder how many naysayers will come and deny this as well.

Historical view of Global warming

Brought to you by non other then..... ABC....

I know I know. I was just as shocked as you are right now.

From the Babylon of Gilgamesh to the post-Eden of Noah, every age has viewed climate change cataclysmically, as retribution for human greed and sinfulness.

In the 1970s, the fear was "global cooling." The Christian Science Monitor then declaimed, "Warning: Earth's climate is changing faster than even experts expect," while The New York Times announced, "A major cooling of the climate is widely considered inevitable." Sound familiar? Global warming represents the latest doom-laden "crisis," one demanding sacrifice to Gaia for our wicked fossil-fuel-driven ways.

But neither history nor science bolsters such an apocalyptic faith.

Now this part is very agreeable on all parties.

Herein lies the moral danger behind global warming hysteria. Each day, 20,000 people in the world die of waterborne diseases. Half a billion people go hungry. A child is orphaned by AIDS every seven seconds. This does not have to happen. We allow it while fretting about "saving the planet." What is wrong with us that we downplay this human misery before our eyes and focus on events that will probably not happen even a hundred years hence? We know that the greatest cause of environmental degradation is poverty; on this, we can and must act.

I think all the global warming hu-bub has caused some SERIOUS disdain in liberals. Facts make them mad you know and it seems that it even makes them spew death threats to non conformists.

The latest in the cult mentality

Scientists who questioned mankind's impact on climate change have received death threats and claim to have been shunned by the scientific community.

They say the debate on global warming has been "hijacked" by a powerful alliance of politicians, scientists and environmentalists who have stifled all questioning about the true environmental impact of carbon dioxide emissions.

Timothy Ball, a former climatology professor at the University of Winnipeg in Canada, has received five deaths threats by email since raising concerns about the degree to which man was affecting climate change.

Here is the Irony of it all.
You even have Muslim clerics getting in on the fun.
Calling it a thing of faith.

A LEADING Muslim cleric has blamed the devastating drought, climate change and pollution on Australians' lack of faith in Allah.

Radical sheik Mohammed Omran told followers at his Brunswick mosque that out-of-control secular scientific values had caused environmental disaster.

"The fear of Allah is not there. So we have now a polluted earth, a polluted water, a wasteland," he told a meeting this year.

"What are the people now crying for? The prophet told you hundreds of years ago, 'Look after the water'."

I been telling people for some time now, Liberals and Radical Muslim extremists have something in common.

Now it just seems that they also wish DEATH ON THE INFIDELS as well.

Keep up the fight Lou!

I really hope he wins this fight and more cities start to enact this throughout the country.

A trial opening Monday pits Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta, who says illegal immigrants are destroying the quality of life in his small northeastern Pennsylvania city, against the ACLU and Hispanic groups who contend that the new rules are unconstitutional.

The Irony of all of this is that the "ACLU" is supposed to be the AMERICAN Civil Liberties Union. But the people they are defending are NOT LEGAL US CITIZENS!

The Hazleton changes were prompted by a number of high-profile crimes involving illegal immigrants. Two illegal immigrants from the Dominican Republic were charged in May 2006 with shooting and killing a 29-year-old man, and a 14-year-old boy was arrested for firing a gun at a playground.

In court papers, Hazleton said illegal immigrants have committed at least 47 crimes since last spring, consuming much of the city's police overtime budget. Illegal immigrants were the subject of one-third of all drug arrests in 2005, and they have driven up the costs of health care and education, the city said.

47 Crimes in a city of 20,000. Think of the number of crimes that are committed in cities like LA, Houston and NYC because of illegal immigrants coming in like they own the place.

Cesar Perales, president of the Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund, said at a news conference Sunday in Hazleton that most Latinos are in town legally, noting that Puerto Ricans are American citizens.

The ordinance turns neighbor against neighbor, Perales said, because residents who suspect someone is an illegal immigrant can report them to city officials.

LOL.. The same retarded mentality that keeps drug dealers on the streets.
Putting neighbor against neighbor. But you know what. If my neighbor is a menace to society or a problem in the neighborhood. Dudes GOT to go.

Why is this so damn difficult to get through peoples skulls?

Friday, March 09, 2007

Net Worths skyrocket?

Now how is this even possible?
I thought wages were down. People were loosing their homes.
Again back to the sky is falling complex.

WASHINGTON - The net worth of U.S. households climbed to a record high in the final quarter of last year, boosted mostly by gains on stocks, the
Federal Reserve reported Thursday.

Net worth — the difference between households' total assets, such as houses and bank accounts, and their total liabilities, such as mortgages and credit card debt, totaled $55.6 trillion in the October-to-December quarter.

That marked a 2.5 percent growth rate from the third quarter, the previous quarterly record high. Stocks gains helped fuel the increase in net worth, although real-estate gains played a role, too.

For all of last year, households' net worth rose by 7.4 percent, a slower pace than the 7.9 percent increase registered in 2005.

I love the last part of that paragraph.

"A slower pace then 7.9%"

Where was this report in 2005?
I sure has hell didn't see it.

In any case this needs to be put out there more then just the Drudge Report.
I wonder if the NY times will even report anything about this. Or will CNN?
Ehhh probably not.
Now if it was in a 7.4% fall of net worth.
THAT is front page news!

The sky is falling the Sky is falling.

So last week we have people screaming about another recession.
Things are looking bad. Heck there were some that were even talking about a supposed DEPRESSION. I love it how Greenspan says one thing and all of a sudden. The world is coming down and people are lining up to see the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Then we have this news.

US trade deficit shrinks to 59.1 billion dollars

The US trade deficit narrowed 3.8 percent in January to 59.1 billion dollars thanks to record-breaking export growth, the Commerce Department said Friday.

It was a bigger drop than expected on Wall Street, where analysts saw a deficit of 60.0 billion dollars, and marked the steepest change in the trade figure since October.

An improving trade picture could be good for first-quarter US economic growth, as a higher deficit subtracts from gross domestic product.

Total imports fell 0.5 percent to 185.8 billion dollars last month while exports jumped 1.1 percent to a new record of 126.7 billion.

US exports of capital goods grew by 1.0 billion dollars from December to January, consumer goods increased 500 million and foods, feeds and beverages went up 300 million.

Then you have that news coupled with this:

Unemployment Rate Drops to 4.5 Percent

WASHINGTON (AP) - The nation's unemployment rate dipped to 4.5 percent in February even as big losses of construction and factory jobs restrained overall payroll growth. Wages grew briskly.

The latest snapshot, released by the Labor Department on Friday, offered a somewhat mixed picture of the employment climate.

The slight decline in the politically prominent jobless rate, from 4.6 percent in January, came as hundreds of thousand of people left the work force for various reasons.

Employers, meanwhile, added 97,000 new jobs to their payrolls in February, the fewest in two years, as bad winter weather forced construction companies to slash 62,000 jobs, the most since 1991. Factories, feeling the strain of the troubled housing and auto industries, also continued to cut jobs. They eliminated 14,000 positions last month.

On a more encouraging note, job gains in the previous two months turned out to be stronger than previously estimated. Employers added 226,000 new jobs in December, versus the 206,000 last estimated. Payrolls grew by 146,000 in January, up from a previous estimate of 111,000.

Where are the Vultures on the economy now?
The Chicken Littles screaming about the sky is falling?

Really really quiet.
Quietly reading over their scriptures for the next opportunity to wish for more negative news on the Health of the US economy.

Unemployment has been at record lows for the past 3+ years. Hovering between 5% and 4.3% and NOTHING. When you have numbers that low nation wide it is generally considered to be full employment. Here in Florida its a 3.2% unemployment rate.

Those that don't have jobs right now, don't have them because they don't want them. Point BLANK.

But this reminds me of an old cartoon I saw a few years ago.

I think this may need to be updated to now put Global Warming in 2006 and Depression in 2007.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Here is a milestone for all of you!

2000 days without another Terrorist attack on this country.

Where are the headlines of that one?

Now all the insurgents need to do is sit and wait.

In a direct challenge to President Bush, House Democrats unveiled legislation Thursday requiring the withdrawal of U.S. combat troops from Iraq by the fall of next year.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the deadline would be added to legislation providing nearly $100 billion the Bush administration has requested for fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

She told reporters the measure would mark the first time the new Democratic-controlled Congress has established a "date certain" for the end of U.S. combat in the four-year-old war that has claimed the lives of more than 3,100 U.S. troops.

This is taking the top spot on stupid crap done by the democrats in an effort to continually undermine this war and its efforts.

This is ridiculous.

Its like being in a boxing match and telling the opposing fighter that you are going to throw a left hook next so make sure you duck under it and knock me out.

Like has been said before. Democrats are invested in the failure and loss of this war. Not in its victory.

Rep. David Obey, D-Wis., and chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, said the proposal would bring an "orderly and responsible close" to American participation in what he called an Iraqi "civil war."

Funny isn't Darfur a civil war and the left wants us to go in there. Might I add so do I. Its called consistency! Bosnia was also a civil war. We went there with no Democrats objecting? Where was the outcry then?

So which is it?

Global Warming or Global Cooling?

The average temperature in February 2007 was 32.9 F. This was -1.8 F cooler than the 1901-2000 (20th century) average, the 34th coolest February in 113 years. The temperature trend for the period of record (1895 to present) is 0.3 degrees Fahrenheit per decade.

1.56 inches of precipitation fell in February. This was -0.46 inches less than the 1901-2000 average, the 16th driest such month on record. The precipitation trend for the period of record (1895 to present) is 0.00 inches per decade.

Its illegal to be Republican.

Posted without comment:

Lewis Libby has now been found guilty of perjury and obstruction of justice for lies that had absolutely no legal consequence.

It was not a crime to reveal
Valerie Plame's name because she was not a covert agent. If it had been a crime, Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald could have wrapped up his investigation with an indictment of the State Department's Richard Armitage on the first day of his investigation since it was Armitage who revealed her name and Fitzgerald knew it.

With no crime to investigate, Fitzgerald pursued a pointless investigation into nothing, getting a lot of White House officials to make statements under oath and hoping some of their recollections would end up conflicting with other witness recollections, so he could charge some Republican with "perjury" and enjoy the fawning media attention.

As a result, Libby is now a convicted felon for having a faulty memory of the person who first told him that Joe Wilson (news, bio, voting record) was a delusional boob who lied about his wife sending him to Niger.

This makes it official: It's illegal to be Republican.

Since Teddy Kennedy walked away from a dead girl with only a wrist slap (which was knocked down to a mild talking-to, plus time served: zero), Democrats have apparently become a protected class in America, immune from criminal prosecution no matter what they do.

As a result, Democrats have run wild, accepting bribes, destroying classified information, lying under oath, molesting interns, driving under the influence, obstructing justice and engaging in sex with underage girls, among other things.

Meanwhile, conservatives of any importance constantly have to spend millions of dollars defending themselves from utterly frivolous criminal prosecutions. Everything is illegal, but only Republicans get prosecuted.

Conservative radio personality Rush Limbaugh was subjected to a three-year criminal investigation for allegedly buying prescription drugs illegally to treat chronic back pain. Despite the witch-hunt, Democrat prosecutor Barry E. Krischer never turned up a crime.

Even if he had, to quote liberal Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz: "Generally, people who illegally buy prescription drugs are not prosecuted." Unless they're Republicans.

The vindictive prosecution of Limbaugh finally ended last year with a plea bargain in which Limbaugh did not admit guilt. Gosh, don't you feel safer now? I know I do.

In another prescription drug case with a different result, last year, Rep. Patrick Kennedy (news, bio, voting record) (Democrat), apparently high as a kite on prescription drugs, crashed a car on Capitol Hill at 3 a.m. That's abuse of prescription drugs (BEGIN ITAS)plus a DUI offense. Result: no charges whatsoever and one day of press on Fox News Channel.

I suppose one could argue those were different jurisdictions. How about the same jurisdiction?

In 2006, Democrat and major Clinton contributor Jeffrey Epstein was nabbed in Palm Beach in a massive police investigation into his hiring of local underage schoolgirls for sex, which I'm told used to be a violation of some kind of statute in the Palm Beach area.

The police presented Limbaugh prosecutor Krischer with boatloads of evidence, including the videotaped statements of five of Epstein's alleged victims, the procurer of the girls for Epstein and 16 other witnesses.

But the same prosecutor who spent three years maniacally investigating Limbaugh's alleged misuse of back-pain pills refused to bring statutory rape charges against a Clinton contributor. Enraging the police, who had spent months on the investigation, Krischer let Epstein off after a few hours on a single count of solicitation of prostitution. The Clinton supporter walked, and his victims were branded as whores.

The Republican former House Whip
Tom DeLay is currently under indictment for a minor campaign finance violation. Democratic prosecutor Ronnie Earle had to empanel six grand juries before he could find one to indict DeLay on these pathetic charges -- and this is in Austin, Texas (the Upper West Side with better-looking people).

That final grand jury was so eager to indict DeLay that it indicted him on one charge that was not even a crime -- and which has since been tossed out by the courts.

After winning his primary despite the indictment, DeLay decided to withdraw from the race rather than campaign under a cloud of suspicion, and Republicans lost one of their strongest champions in Congress.

Compare DeLay's case with that of Rep. William "The Refrigerator" Jefferson, Democrat. Two years ago, an
FBI investigation caught Jefferson on videotape taking $100,000 in bribe money. When the FBI searched Jefferson's house, they found $90,000 in cash stuffed in his freezer. Two people have already pleaded guilty to paying Jefferson the bribe money.

Two years later, Bush's Justice Department still has taken no action against Jefferson. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (news, bio, voting record) recently put Rep. William Jefferson (news, bio, voting record) on the
Homeland Security Committee.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (news, bio, voting record), Democrat, engaged in a complicated land swindle, buying a parcel of land for $400,000 and selling it for over $1 million a few years later. (At least it wasn't cattle futures!)

Reid also received more than four times as much money from Jack Abramoff (nearly $70,000) as Tom DeLay ($15,000). DeLay returned the money; Reid refuses to do so. Why should he? He's a Democrat.

Former Clinton national security adviser Sandy Berger literally received a sentence of community service for stuffing classified national security documents in his pants and then destroying them -- big, fat federal felonies.

But Scooter Libby is facing real prison time for forgetting who told him about some bozo's wife.

Bill Clinton was not even prosecuted for obstruction of justice offenses so egregious that the entire Supreme Court staged a historic boycott of his State of the Union address in 2000.

By contrast, Linda Tripp, whose only mistake was befriending the office hosebag and then declining to perjure herself, spent millions on lawyers to defend a harassment prosecution based on far-fetched interpretations of state wiretapping laws.

Liberal law professors currently warning about the "high price" of pursuing terrorists under the Patriot Act had nothing but blood lust for Tripp one year after Clinton was impeached (Steven Lubet, "Linda Tripp Deserves to be Prosecuted," New York Times, 8/25/99).

Criminal prosecution is a surrogate for political warfare, but in this war, Republicans are gutless appeasers.

Try being a Conservative and be a Minority!
Be it African American or Latino.
Get ready for the usual insults.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Stop eating MEAT

That is what PETA is now saying to Oscar Award winning AL GORE.
I cringe just saying that.

Norfolk, Va. — This morning, PETA sent a letter to former vice president Al Gore explaining to him that the best way to fight global warming is to go vegetarian and offering to cook him faux “fried chicken” as an introduction to meat-free meals. In its letter, PETA points out that Gore’s film, An Inconvenient Truth—which starkly outlines the potentially catastrophic effects of global warming and just won the Academy Award for “Best Documentary”—has failed to address the fact that the meat industry is the largest contributor to greenhouse-gas emissions.

In the letter, PETA points out the following:

· The effect that our meat addiction is having on the climate is truly staggering. In fact, in its recent report “Livestock’s Long Shadow—Environmental Issues and Options,” the United Nations determined that raising animals for food generates more greenhouse gases than all the cars and trucks in the world combined.

· Researchers at the University of Chicago have determined that switching to a vegan diet is more effective in countering global warming than switching from a standard American car to a Toyota Prius.

PETA also reminds Gore that his critics love to question whether he practices what he preaches and suggests that by going vegetarian, he could cut down on his contribution to global warming and silence his critics at the same time.

“The single best thing that any of us can do to for our health, for animals, and for the environment is to go vegetarian,” says PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk. “The best and easiest way for Mr. Gore to show his critics that he’s truly committed to fighting global warming is to kick his meat habit immediately.”

All of you Global Warming hawks out there.
Start living the VEGAN lifestyle now.
Al Gore seems to need to since he has been packing on all that weight.

Put your carrot where you mouth is.

Kudos to U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn,

..for having the cojones to do something about this ridiculous practice by BOFA (Bank Of America)

The Photo Identification Security Act would require banks to use what Blackburn calls "secure forms of identification" to obtain credit. In a statement put out by her office, she says that Bank of America "has come under fire in response to reports that it allows illegal immigrants access to credit cards without proper documentation."

A Bank of America spokesmen maintain that they follow the letter of the law in permitting customers to use the forms of identification permissible under the U.S.A. Patriot Act. That includes matricula consular cards issued by the Mexican government.

"The American people deserve to know that the integrity and security of our financial institutions will remain intact," Blackburn said in a statement Monday. "This bill closes a critical loophole that banking institutions have used to circumvent the letter of the law they have used to target illegal aliens as a new source of revenue. It says to banks and illegal immigrants alike, 'You can't get a Visa, without a visa.'"

Its one of the reasons after TODAY. My accounts with Bank Of America will be closed. My Card is paid off and they will be getting called on the cancellation of my account.

Global warming huh?

In the last few weeks it seems that a lot more scientist are coming out and saying that there IS NOT a consensus on the "Global Warming" being man made bit.

Seems like even well known ecologists that have actually been on the side of a man made Global Warming are saying years later. MY BAD.

Claude Allegre, one of France's leading socialists and among her most celebrated scientists, was among the first to sound the alarm about the dangers of global warming.

"By burning fossil fuels, man increased the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which, for example, has raised the global mean temperature by half a degree in the last century," Dr. Allegre, a renowned geochemist, wrote 20 years ago in Cles pour la geologie.." Fifteen years ago, Dr. Allegre was among the 1500 prominent scientists who signed "World Scientists' Warning to Humanity," a highly publicized letter stressing that global warming's "potential risks are very great" and demanding a new caring ethic that recognizes the globe's fragility in order to stave off "spirals of environmental decline, poverty, and unrest, leading to social, economic and environmental collapse."

The guy is from FRANCE of all places.
So that was his stance 15 years ago.
Today he sees how truly wrong all that data was:

In the 1980s and early 1990s, when concern about global warming was in its infancy, little was known about the mechanics of how it could occur, or the consequences that could befall us. Since then, governments throughout the western world and bodies such as the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have commissioned billions of dollars worth of research by thousands of scientists. With a wealth of data now in, Dr. Allegre has recanted his views. To his surprise, the many climate models and studies failed dismally in establishing a man-made cause of catastrophic global warming. Meanwhile, increasing evidence indicates that most of the warming comes of natural phenomena. Dr. Allegre now sees global warming as over-hyped and an environmental concern of second rank.

Funny I have been saying that same thing about these so called "models" and "predictions". Seeing as models are nothing more then a set of figures inputed by people on what they THINK happens with XYZ variables.

Its as simple as this folks.
How can you tell me that Temperatures are going to destroy the planet over the next 25 years if you can't even tell me what the weather is going to be like next week?

His break with what he now sees as environmental cant on climate change came in September, in an article entitled "The Snows of Kilimanjaro" in l' Express, the French weekly. His article cited evidence that Antarctica is gaining ice and that Kilimanjaro's retreating snow caps, among other global-warming concerns, come from natural causes. "The cause of this climate change is unknown," he states matter of factly. There is no basis for saying, as most do, that the "science is settled."

Which leads me back to the belief that the climate change we are seeing is coming from the largest factor of climate and temperature on this planet. Heck its larger then this planet.


Coming from National Geographics. There is information and images showing that the Ice Caps of Mars are melting.
MARS! Ford must have been shipping Hummers to Martians since hte turn of the century. How else is this possible?

Simultaneous warming on Earth and Mars suggests that our planet's recent climate changes have a natural—and not a human-induced—cause, according to one scientist's controversial theory.

Earth is currently experiencing rapid warming, which the vast majority of climate scientists says is due to humans pumping huge amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Mars, too, appears to be enjoying more mild and balmy temperatures.

In 2005 data from NASA's Mars Global Surveyor and Odyssey missions revealed that the carbon dioxide "ice caps" near Mars's south pole had been diminishing for three summers in a row.

Habibullo Abdussamatov, head of space research at St. Petersburg's Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory in Russia, says the Mars data is evidence that the current global warming on Earth is being caused by changes in the sun.

"The long-term increase in solar irradiance is heating both Earth and Mars," he said.

Now how do we know that the Sun has some increased activity?
Were there is a Satellite that was put into orbit in the early 90's that tells us and reads increases in suns power.

The satellite is called ACE or Advanced Composition Explorer

And of course there are people that want to discredit his work for the more "accepted" view that its man made.

If you do not accept the dominating voices then you will be punished.

Scientists skeptical of climate-change theories say they are increasingly coming under attack -- treatment that may make other analysts less likely to present contrarian views about global warming.
"In general, if you do not agree with the consensus that we are headed toward disaster, you are treated like a pariah," said William O'Keefe, chief executive officer of the Marshall Institute, which assesses scientific issues that shape public policy.
"It's ironic that a field based on challenging unproven theories attacks skeptics in a very unhealthy way."
Two climatologists in Democrat-leaning states, David Legates in Delaware and George Taylor in Oregon, have come under fire for expressing skepticism about the origins of climate change. Oregon Gov. Theodore R. Kulongoski is publicly seeking to strip Mr. Taylor, widely known as the state's climatologist, of his position because of his stance.

The left. Always talking about inclusion and listening to others and talking first. But if you don't agree with what they say. You just might be fired or better yet smeared heavily. Nothing new there.

Clinton attack machine just greasing its gears...

Obama is going to learn a real hard lesson about politics in Washington.
Watch out for the Clintons.

Less than two months after ascending to the United States Senate, Barack Obama bought more than $50,000 worth of stock in two speculative companies whose major investors included some of his biggest political donors.

One of the companies was a biotech concern that was starting to develop a drug to treat avian flu. In March 2005, two weeks after buying about $5,000 of its shares, Mr. Obama took the lead in a legislative push for more federal spending to battle the disease.

The most recent financial disclosure form for Mr. Obama, an Illinois Democrat, also shows that he bought more than $50,000 in stock in a satellite communications business whose principal backers include four friends and donors who had raised more than $150,000 for his political committees.

A spokesman for Mr. Obama, who is seeking his party’s presidential nomination in 2008, said yesterday that the senator did not know that he had invested in either company until fall 2005, when he learned of it and decided to sell the stocks. He sold them at a net loss of $13,000.

This has Hilary all over it.
Its way too soon for any republicans to make attacks but Hilary is seeing that she is not in the lead and has let the dogs loose on Obama.

But its not like Obama is is innocent here either.
This particular deal seems odd to say the least:

The investments came at a time when Mr. Obama was enjoying sudden financial success, following his victory at the polls in November 2004. He had signed a $1.9 million book deal, and his ethics disclosure reports show that he received $1.2 million of book money in 2005.

His wife, Michelle, a hospital vice president in Chicago, received a promotion that March, nearly tripling her salary to $317,000, and they bought a $1.6 million house in June. The house sat on a large property that was subdivided to make it more affordable, and one of Mr. Obama’s political donors bought the adjacent lot.

Damn 317K. Nice Michelle Obama. Nice indeed.
But what is the deal with a donor buying the lot next to you? Hmmmm...
That sounds like a bit of a conflict on interest.
Maybe Obama isn't as green to the politics of Washington and contributions as is perceived.