Monday, March 12, 2007

I thought Chavez was against Bush?

Now I have been hearing from Liberals for some time now that Chavez's opposition is NOT against the US and its system of Government or its Economic system but Bush.

Well even in his speech he says that he is AGAINST the US!

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez called Sunday for a socialist counterattack against the American "empire," taking his campaign to upstage President Bush's Latin American tour to a packed gymnasium in a poor, indigenous Bolivian city.

"The empire is in counterattack, with the head of the empire himself leading the attack," Chavez said of the U.S. "And why? Because they realize that the popular Latin American offensive is for real."

He said now was the time for Latin America's newly socialist countries to fight back.

"We have resisted for a long time. But no one wins a battle always staying on the defensive," he said. "This is no longer a time for defense. This is a time for attack. Let loose the charging cavalry!"

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