Monday, March 12, 2007

Gen. Tommy Franks sets the record STRAIGHT!

So there have been a LOT of BS being put out there by the left on Bush. That he fired Franks cause they differed on opinion, he and Rumsfeld bumped heads that he is a puppet etc etc.

Franks talks about this and more.


* President Bush was never in a rush to invade Iraq.

* Bush was always a good leader – calm, studious and deliberative – and was never steam-rolled by his top advisors, but was always his own man.

* Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld is getting a bum rap.

* No administration would have allowed Iraq to continue with business-as-usual after 9/11.

* There was plenty of planning and preparation for post-invasion operations in Iraq.

* There is a definable limit to what the U.S. will tolerate as to Iran and Syria's interference in Iraq.

* The Walter Reed hospital debacle resulted from "failed leadership."

On Rumsfeld:

How about Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld standing down from his post?

Gen. Franks: We need to be very careful as Americans not to confuse patriotism with political expediency. What I mean is it makes sense to me that Don Rumsfeld left the post as Secretary of Defense.

When he did, I didn't question that decision at all, but I do question those who say he was a terrible Secretary of Defense, because I did not find that to be the case. I told a lot of people Don Rumsfeld is a contrarian.

When he was the Secretary of Defense, he was very tough on himself and on everyone around him. I have also described him as a crotchety guy, and he is just tough to deal with. I have also told a great many people that Don Rumsfeld is a friend of mine. I still talk to him, and on occasion when [wife] Cathy and I are in Washington, we will go out to eat with him and [wife] Joyce.

The guy is an American patriot. He was an American patriot. He is just a touchy guy to get along with.

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