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Global warming huh?

In the last few weeks it seems that a lot more scientist are coming out and saying that there IS NOT a consensus on the "Global Warming" being man made bit.

Seems like even well known ecologists that have actually been on the side of a man made Global Warming are saying years later. MY BAD.

Claude Allegre, one of France's leading socialists and among her most celebrated scientists, was among the first to sound the alarm about the dangers of global warming.

"By burning fossil fuels, man increased the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which, for example, has raised the global mean temperature by half a degree in the last century," Dr. Allegre, a renowned geochemist, wrote 20 years ago in Cles pour la geologie.." Fifteen years ago, Dr. Allegre was among the 1500 prominent scientists who signed "World Scientists' Warning to Humanity," a highly publicized letter stressing that global warming's "potential risks are very great" and demanding a new caring ethic that recognizes the globe's fragility in order to stave off "spirals of environmental decline, poverty, and unrest, leading to social, economic and environmental collapse."

The guy is from FRANCE of all places.
So that was his stance 15 years ago.
Today he sees how truly wrong all that data was:

In the 1980s and early 1990s, when concern about global warming was in its infancy, little was known about the mechanics of how it could occur, or the consequences that could befall us. Since then, governments throughout the western world and bodies such as the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have commissioned billions of dollars worth of research by thousands of scientists. With a wealth of data now in, Dr. Allegre has recanted his views. To his surprise, the many climate models and studies failed dismally in establishing a man-made cause of catastrophic global warming. Meanwhile, increasing evidence indicates that most of the warming comes of natural phenomena. Dr. Allegre now sees global warming as over-hyped and an environmental concern of second rank.

Funny I have been saying that same thing about these so called "models" and "predictions". Seeing as models are nothing more then a set of figures inputed by people on what they THINK happens with XYZ variables.

Its as simple as this folks.
How can you tell me that Temperatures are going to destroy the planet over the next 25 years if you can't even tell me what the weather is going to be like next week?

His break with what he now sees as environmental cant on climate change came in September, in an article entitled "The Snows of Kilimanjaro" in l' Express, the French weekly. His article cited evidence that Antarctica is gaining ice and that Kilimanjaro's retreating snow caps, among other global-warming concerns, come from natural causes. "The cause of this climate change is unknown," he states matter of factly. There is no basis for saying, as most do, that the "science is settled."

Which leads me back to the belief that the climate change we are seeing is coming from the largest factor of climate and temperature on this planet. Heck its larger then this planet.


Coming from National Geographics. There is information and images showing that the Ice Caps of Mars are melting.
MARS! Ford must have been shipping Hummers to Martians since hte turn of the century. How else is this possible?

Simultaneous warming on Earth and Mars suggests that our planet's recent climate changes have a natural—and not a human-induced—cause, according to one scientist's controversial theory.

Earth is currently experiencing rapid warming, which the vast majority of climate scientists says is due to humans pumping huge amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Mars, too, appears to be enjoying more mild and balmy temperatures.

In 2005 data from NASA's Mars Global Surveyor and Odyssey missions revealed that the carbon dioxide "ice caps" near Mars's south pole had been diminishing for three summers in a row.

Habibullo Abdussamatov, head of space research at St. Petersburg's Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory in Russia, says the Mars data is evidence that the current global warming on Earth is being caused by changes in the sun.

"The long-term increase in solar irradiance is heating both Earth and Mars," he said.

Now how do we know that the Sun has some increased activity?
Were there is a Satellite that was put into orbit in the early 90's that tells us and reads increases in suns power.

The satellite is called ACE or Advanced Composition Explorer

And of course there are people that want to discredit his work for the more "accepted" view that its man made.

If you do not accept the dominating voices then you will be punished.

Scientists skeptical of climate-change theories say they are increasingly coming under attack -- treatment that may make other analysts less likely to present contrarian views about global warming.
"In general, if you do not agree with the consensus that we are headed toward disaster, you are treated like a pariah," said William O'Keefe, chief executive officer of the Marshall Institute, which assesses scientific issues that shape public policy.
"It's ironic that a field based on challenging unproven theories attacks skeptics in a very unhealthy way."
Two climatologists in Democrat-leaning states, David Legates in Delaware and George Taylor in Oregon, have come under fire for expressing skepticism about the origins of climate change. Oregon Gov. Theodore R. Kulongoski is publicly seeking to strip Mr. Taylor, widely known as the state's climatologist, of his position because of his stance.

The left. Always talking about inclusion and listening to others and talking first. But if you don't agree with what they say. You just might be fired or better yet smeared heavily. Nothing new there.

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