Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spending plan hypocrisy?

A key House panel Wednesday began debating a Democratic budget plan to boost spending for domestic programs while assuming that a variety of popular tax cuts expire at the end of the decade.

The House Budget Committee took up the $2.9 trillion plan, which envisions big increases for homeland security, veterans health care and aid to local schools. A late-night vote was expected.

The House budget plan, like a companion version before the full Senate, promises a federal surplus in five years -- if President Bush's tax cuts indeed disappear and, as a result, more revenue flows into the federal treasury.

So now democrats want to increase pork spending. Something they stated they wanted to correct as part of their campaigns.

Here we are not what 5 months later following their win and BAM. Pork spending.

But that is not the only hypocrisy in all of this.

Republicans blasted the Democratic budget for its hefty spending increases and its assumption that lower taxes on income, married couples, inheritances and investments will expire at the end of 2010 as current law states.

"The best way to balance the budget is to control spending, not raise taxes," said top panel Republican Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.

I don't know what Mr. Ryan is on or what planet he was on the last 6 years. But Republicans were spending like drunken sailors. Now they want to somehow reign it all in? WHERE WAS THE LEADERSHIP ON PORK SPENDING WHEN YOU HAD CONTROL.

Please Mr Ryan. Spare me the BULLSHIT.
And that goes for all republicans. Don't go off now making it seem like spending is a Democrat problem. When there was plenty of opportunities when you all were in power to correct things. But you failed. And were removed.

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