Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Its all over folks....

That is it.

An American Legacy is done.
I have not read Comic Books in YEARS. But no one in America can say they never heard of the 1940's Marvel Super Hero. Captain America. But he has been killed.

Marvel killed him off the Comic books in what seems to be some sort of post 9/11 universe in the Marvel Universe that superheros were supposed to register their powers with the Federal Govt and those that refused were arrested and hunted down. A civil war ensues within the Super Hero world. Something I think is actually coming in America.

But WTF to kill Captain America!?

It was bad enough to see the New "Superman" and see this new metro-sexual form of what was once my favorite super hero. This maroon colored outfit. Ok but when you remove the classic lines "Truth Justice and the AMERICAN WAY"! You loose the character himself.

But now liberals that have morphed into the next comic artists of the world have shot and killed Captain America. How low can you possibly go!

Its all over man. America is done.

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