Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Israeli Palestinian Conflict.....

Some Powerful video's that I wanted to make sure I post up for all to see.
Many of these videos get lost on You Tube.

First one is very powerful from a girl that can be no more then 16 I think.

Dr. Walid Pharis

Children talking about the GREATNESS that is Shahada.
Which is Suicide Bombing.
The oddest thing is that it comes from two females. Seeing as in Islam a women does not get the 72 virgins I fail to see the passion and the method for the indoctrination.

In Palestine and Lebanon teaching children to HATE Jews. Not Zionists. JEWS. Teaching them that they are pigs etc. That their job is to throw down their toys and pick up weapons.

Firing from Qana.

Even in Argentina the Jews are bombed

During the war with Israel this last summer in 2006. Hezbullah was accused of using UN Ambulances to transport fighters. Hezbullah denied that. But it seems that they were lying of that as well. There was global anger towards Israel when CNN and other outlets showed the bombing of a UN Ambulance. It seems from this video that is was justified.

Many Muslims have denied that burnings of Synagogues of buildings and irrigation systems, pipes etc. This video shows otherwise following the pull out of Israelis from Gaza.

I am sure following this post. I will be called the regular names. Jew Lover, Slave, Zionist loving pig, etc etc. But this is the reality of the hatred that is being BRED on the Muslim side of the conflict. The side that many TRY to deny. But it is real.

This conflict will I think not end any time soon. Especially with a whole new breed of kids being raised and trained for war. What kind of society is this?

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