Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Iran needs to take the stick out of their @$$

An Iranian official on Sunday lashed out at the Hollywood movie "300" for insulting the Persian civilization, local Fars News Agency reported.

Javad Shamqadri, an art advisor to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, accused the new movie of being "part of a comprehensive U.S. psychological war aimed at Iranian culture", said the report.

LOL.. That is the first I have heard of Hollywood following along with ANYTHING that the US government says. Let me guess Bush made the call to some big wigs in Hollywood and told them to make a film about the Persians?

Shamqadri was quoted as saying "following the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Hollywood and cultural authorities in the U.S. initiated studies to figure out how to attack Iranian culture," adding "certainly, the recent movie is a product of such studies."

Yeap I guess he really believes this.

The Irony of all of this is that Shamqardi is also a film maker.
No doubt in my mind he is probably a Jew hating film maker. Portraying the Jews as demons and pigs.

Bottom line it is a movie. And judging from the latest numbers. A RECORD breaking movie. More based on America's thirst for blood and gore then on Iranian or Perisan hate. That is for sure.

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LRO said...

okay, lets change history then for the iranians. It wasn't persia, led by zerxes, that launched an invasion into greece attacking the spartans. Nope, it was robots from the future, time warped to destroy Sparta.
What fucking retards!