Monday, March 12, 2007

Racism in Cuba?

Wait a minute here.
I thought according to all liberals this was abolished and the only real racist place left was the USA?
And coming from a KNOWN leftist is even more SHOCKING!

Race still matters in Cuba. As much as Fidel Castro tried to purge this country of its racist past when he proclaimed the equality of all Cubans in 1959, racism lingers beneath the facade of Cuba’s communist solidarity.

“Fidel has tried to do his best, but he can’t change what’s in a man’s heart,” Terrero said of the subtle racism that has replaced the overt bigotry outlawed by Castro.

The official position of the Cuban government is that it doesn’t tolerate racial discrimination — and there are signs it’s making a sincere effort to wipe out racial inequalities. But in Havana, you don’t have to go out of your way to find evidence of racial imbalance in this country of 11.4 million people. Two-thirds of those people are of African descent, according to the 2007 CIA World Factbook.

It’s hard to find a black doorman at one of Havana’s fashionable hotels, where tips from tourists make the job one of the highest paying in Cuba. At trendy restaurants like El Aljibe, where waiters can earn more tip money in a night than most Cubans earn in a month, black waiters are hard to find.

So the argument when I point this out to liberals is that "Its cause of the white people that go there that Castro does that" or some other ridiculous comment of the sort.

So then someone please explain this then:
There are few blacks on newscasts or talk shows on the government-run television network. And in all of the meetings I’ve had with Cuban government officials over the years, I’ve encountered few blacks in top-level positions.

During a dinner meeting I attended with him in 1999, Castro acknowledged that one of the serious shortcomings of his revolution was the belief that Cuba’s racist past could be wiped out by simple proclamation.

He said then that he realized his government had to back up its words with action. But that effort hasn’t produced enough results

Funny you don't really here that part of the coverage via liberal/slanter's. Yet here is is.

I wonder how many naysayers will come and deny this as well.

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