Sunday, August 12, 2007

"Sicko" Gets no show in Cuba

Michael Moore gets no love in Cuba for his latest propaganda film "Sicko", that praises Cuba's healtcare system. Read the story here courtesy of
For the story in its original spanish version go here.

So why no love for the film in Cuba?

Although it might look contradictory, the propaganda used in the film to discredit the USA health system while trying to highlight the excellence of the Cuban health system, turned out to be considered “subversive” by the Cuban regime. It so happens that he based his arguments on gross lies that do not represent at all the Cuban health drama.

NAH, you don't say!!! lol

I particularly enjoyed this part of the article highlighting the fact that Cuba's elite travells to other countries for their healthcare needs.
It is well known over the world that Fidel Castro went to look for a Spanish doctor when he had a health crisis. A few years ago the Under Secretary of Health, Abelardo Ramirez, went to France for medical treatment where he underwent surgery for a gastric cancer that eventually took his life. In the same manner, the neurosurgeon Domingo, a doctor who is part of Fidel Castro’s personal medical team and Chief of the CIMEQ Hospital, went to England to avail himself of Ophthalmologic services for surgical treatment for his eye problems, periodically returning there for checkups.

Hilarious isn't it!

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