Wednesday, December 19, 2007

EU cross border health care now...

So we need a National Health Care system right?
That is what is being touted by democrats and liberals alike.
I can't tell the difference anymore.

This case was brought forth by a woman that had to wait 1 year or more for hip replacement. Nice right? What an efficient system. Instead she went to France and wanted the bill to be paid by Britain.

The EU court decided that she is correct.

Anyway, hear this in the morning on NPR, thought I would post it.

The European Commission made a new health care proposal allowing people to travel to another E.U. country to get treatment and bring the bill home. Scott Jagow talks to European report Megan Williams about why.

Listen here

So who are we going to cross borders with when National Health Care takes hold here? Canada? Mexico? Seriously? Even Clinton's buddies are coming over here for health care.

The worst implication comes for the UK which already has a crappy system and one that is already becoming under funded and its paying too much as it is. Now they have to pay for those people that opt to go to another country for the procedure. Nice... Should be interesting to see the impact of this moving forward.

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