Thursday, March 13, 2008

Barack Obama's Pastor

In light of these recent discoveries.
Does this or should this have any bearing on Barack Obama?
The media went after Mit Romney on his religion. So much so that he had to make a statement about it. So should this also be fair game?

Does it or should it effect the outcome of Baracks presidential bid when he has been a member of a church for 20 years where the pastor is clearly racist. You can spin it however you want, but the man is a racist. Or are you only a racist if you are white and say something like this.

If any other Church in America or if Hillary's Church pastor would have said this he would be deemed a racist VERY VERY QUICKLY! If you were at any other Church or white Church and the preacher would say that they teach "White Values" they would be called a racist. So what is so different with this man?

Further to accept Louis Farrakhan into your church and give that man a LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD is flat out ridiculous. Farrakhan has said some very racist things, known to be an anti-semit as well as completely racist towards whites.

Does this effect Obama?
Should it effect Obama and his Presidential run?

I would have to say YES!


Anonymous said...

Some people are so misguided in the way they try to sway peoples opinions. Video clip #1 was part of a clip pulled from ABC and clip #2 was pulled from Fox news (the right winged news network). Clip #3 used to generate church signs and then had a voice over of a guy who couldn't even formulate proper sentences.

CP said...

Clip 1 was from ABC. Hardly a right wing conspirator.
Clip 2 was from Fox, and was an uncut version of one of the tapes that Pastor wright sells on his website. If you'd like to purchase the tapes feel free to search for it yourself.
Clip 3 was commentary from Sean Hannity's radio program. The Church sign generator is not out of the ordinary. Its taking direct quotes stated by the speaker and putting them in visual form.

If you agree with Obama and his pastor, that is your right. But to say that in some way this is to sway your opinion I disagree greatly.

The blog is a collection of Opinions by myself. That you may agree or disagree is up to you the reader. Seeing as even my posts did not sway your obvious hardcore Obama supportive position I fail to see how this post was misguided or attempted to sway you?