Monday, February 06, 2006

Domestic Spying Program...

I found this interesting and very fascinating. The whole domestic spying thing that the Senate is trying to accuse the president of abusing.

Link below for more on the A.G opening speech.

Attorney General Opening Statement

I was actually drawn to listening to this at work today so I listened to it from NPR. (one of the few free outlets to get info still) But it was interesting how the dems seem to be the only ones really hammering this "illegal" thing on what he is doing. Yet he is trying to keep us safe.

What I found really interesting was a part I just heard that talks about the fact that if FISA or rather the courts find that the govt has spyed on this person wrongly or hasnt presented their case properly they can once the 72 hours is up notify the person being spyed on. I find that interesting for 2 reasons. Pro and Con. If you are not the person that should have been searched you have just been notified of it. But if you were a person that was part of a terrorist organization you are now alerted that you were under electronic surveillance and would most likely lead to either a complete change of any plans to either move forward immediatley? OR it will lead to them goin even deeper with their plans.

I dont know about this card the dems are trying play. It seems dangerous.

And those that follow that thinking and are all anti bush confuse me tremendously. You want the govt to protect you following 9/11 but when something is done that targets the ones that want to kill you it becomes a problem of epic propotions that need a senate hearing.

Yet when this was done in the past with say... Ehhh Clinton it was never even brought up as an issue.

Its like the Democrats in the senate want the terrorists to get a hand book on what the US Gov is doing to catch them and how to avoid it. That is the impression I get from this.

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