Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Why is change so difficult for some people?
Is it because of the unknown?
Or is that to general of a question?
Change can be anything, from leaping into a new job to accepting gay marriage.
From jumping into a new relationship to ending a freindship.

Why is change so hard for some people and for others so simple? Its is a lack of compassion or lack of knowledge? Lack of money or lack of faith? Interesting.

Change I guess is a double edged sword it can be good and it can be bad depending on the choices made. Most I would venture to say make changes for the better.

I am not a big person on new years resolutions, mostly because I find them useless. Why wait till a specific date to make a change, like the classics, stop smoking, and loose weigth, blah blah blah.

I wonder if I will go forward with the changes in my life I have been contemplating. Some I am fearful of doing others are really no brainers but am just I guess content with the way they are. Then there are others that I would love to do but I have come to the point where I just accept them as they are.

Which brings up another question. What is the point of change or wanting change if you have tried repeatedly to have something change but it stayed the same.

Goes kind of with the saming no matter how much things change they still remain the same.

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