Monday, January 09, 2006

Communism, Socialism, Capitalism???

"In contrast, socialism is the control of commodities through a government that produces only to serve people (the working class)."

If that was the case then Socialist countries that do exhist would not have extremely rich folks and extremely poor. But that is not the case for socialism. France comes to mind.

"Capitalists gain their wealth from the labor of others--not from their own work. "

Again the thought that the entrepenurial spirit should be squashed. That the person that began the business at first was not putting in 60-80 hour work weeks to keep the books balanced, the bills paid, the workers paid, and money coming in to support and keep people working.

What is so wrong with a person after years of creating a business actually get to just sit back and let the business run with qualified people to run for it.

That is what confuses me about people that are for communism and socialism.

You want the govt to basically control every aspect of money in the system. You dont want free enterprise to take shape and that everyone basically is an ant working for the queen (in this case the govt) yet you ALSO dont want govt all in your face. You dont want govt controlling your lives.

That is retarded to say the least. How can you want a system that is controlled by the govt from all aspects but you dont want govt in your lives. You flip out about wire taps and the like but you are fine with systems that will litterally be your engine that controls your movements weather you like it or not.

"Why should someone be a millionaire, with three houses, a private plane, and the like when other folks can't even afford enough to eat?"

Why should they not? Not all millionares inherit their wealth. Some as shocking as this maybe actually worked for it. *SHOCKING*

How can you say something like that and then follow it up with making a case for socialism and communism... Like govts have not been known to let the most basic of human instincts take over. GREED and POWER! Even in pure socialistic system like in France there is a system that only the high class get into power.

"What that means is when you only get to choose between millionaires running for election, working class people (the vast majority of society) aren't really represented."

That is in any system.

What it seems like many are arguing when they try to make the case for communism and socialism is that we revert back to cave man times. When money was no object. It didnt exhist. Eveyone worked just to work and survive within themselves. Like one big massive ant colony.

Its unrealistic. Because even with a ant colony or with socialsim, or with capitalism, democracy you need or rather have a hierarchy. There is no way around that. And the hierarchy will more then likely be the rich and priveledged. Rarely will you get an average joe.

"By limiting bureaucracy, establishing human-rights laws"

That is like an oxy-moron for communism. Its a system that is controlled by govt. How can you limit bureacracy and still have communism. Human rights have also been trampled over in every form of communism that has been made. From basic speech freedoms, to labor laws. All of which are trampled.

I still believe that the US has the better system. A mixture of both socialism and capitalism. A system that serves the people although it is obvious there is some corruption at the top like in ANY system and it is a system that lets the free market take its course. Restricting and balancing it as we go along.

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