Tuesday, January 03, 2006


I was reading the news today. Usually what I do around lunch time and came accross 2 articles which I found of intrest. One is the new book that has been released about the NSA wire taps on US citizens phone numbers and E-Mails that were captured from the phone numbers of KNOWN al quaeda terrorists.

The other was this little snippit from www.cnn.com

---Iraqi Oil Minister Ibrahim Bahr al-Ulum announced Monday that he had resigned his post in a protest over higher gas prices. Ahmed Chalabi -- the controversial former exile who has had a rocky relationship with the United States since the war began -- took over as interim oil minister.---

What the fuck is that all about? Chalabi was and has been known to be a liar to our CIA and our govt yet he is allowed to continue to pursue elected positions in IRAQ? His testimony was part of what lead us into this war yet suddenly the former Oil Minister steps down and Chalabi steps up? WTF??

Something definetly doesnt seem right. I am not liking the way things seem to be shaping out with this one. Chalabi ran for a cabbinet poistion in Iraq and didnt make it and now suddenly is going to be Oil minister? Hmmmmmm.......

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