Thursday, July 12, 2007

Michael Moore on CNN....

How the hell do we have the worst health care in the industrial world?
Because its not free? Sure it is. If you are at a certain income level its FREE. Free for the ones using it not the ones paying for it.

I find it rather amusing that Moore believes that the way to solve the problems of health care is to put it into the hands government. A government which he openly says he does not trust. Is that not asinine?

Moore is the classic example of a hypocrite hell bent on creating a socialist economy based on Marxism and removing the free market. The talk of Cuban doctors being the best is BULLSHYT! Straight up. Sorry cubanos I love you guys but its BULL. You cannot possibly be the best if you have not trained on the latest equipment with the most recent data and research into medicine. Haven't studied the recent tests, used the most recent drugs and examined under a damned MICROSCOPE! See if they have an electron Microscope in Cuba! HA!

If they were so damned great why did they have to fly in a Doctor from SPAIN to help save their great saviors life, the longest running dictator in all of the the Western Hemisphere, CASTRO! If they were soooo damned great why did that doctor need to fly in with the latest equipment to save his life!??? Meanwhile people in Cuba have to go into surgery with NO ANESTHESIA, you cannot even find a Tylenol pill in the country yet somehow we are supposed to believe that their health care is the greatest!? So what its free! If I can't get a tooth pulled without having to drink 151 proof to numb the pain, you can keep that ish. And antibiotics? DREAM ON! People mail Advil to Cuban families. You think Vicodine is readily available at the local pharmacy!?

Medicaid and Medicare are one of the largest drains on state governments. Why do you think that States were upset when the Federal Government said they would cut 40 Billion in funding of Medicaid. A program that gives free health care to 52 Million people in this country. On the backs of whose dime? The middle class. The same folks that would have to shell out even more money to fund a Universal system for the remaining 250 million (illegals included). Medicaid is the SECOND largest expense in most state budgets and its only serving 1/6th of the population! Picture that expense with 300 Million.

Not to mention the fact that almost anytime government is involved in paying anything out, it over spends. Time after time from construction to transportation. Hence why we have 300 dollar toilets and 50 dollar hammers and 150 million dollar bridges to the middle of nowhere.

Anyone ever take a look at the correlation between the increased funding by states and federal governments for colleges and the subsequent increase in tuition soon after. Of all places NPR did and without fail every time funding increased in Pell Grants and such, Tuition increased. MORE FREE MONEY. Now what would be the difference with a Universal Health Care system (illegals included). You think somehow magically Government will figure out how to be more fiscally responsible with tax payers money!

Now tell me something if and when the economy turns sour which history and economics say it will eventually (be it 5-10-15 years from now) how exactly is this Universal Health Care system going to be funded? You think we have a Deficit now! LMFAO Wait till something like this is put into place. 300 MILLION+ people all going to the Hospital. You think we have a shortage of Nurses, Doctors and Sugeons now. You just wait when a flu epidemic hits. Try going into a Hospital in say... NYC in say a densely populated neighborhood in say, 100th street in Manhattan. Its a 10 hour wait at least. My wife had what he believed to be appendicitis (luckily it wasn't) we waited for over 8 hours just to see a doctor. My sister when she was younger fell off the playground and had a large cut on her face. Blood and all we waited and waited for over 5 hours for a doctor to give her stiches. Now you mix that with FREE HEALTH CARE across the board and any person with a tummy ache is hitting the ER.

And please do not give me Canada as an example. No offense to Canadians but lets be real here there are only 33 Million people in Canada. We have 10 times that meaning that the expense is probably going to be quadruple what you guys spend annually on health care. You currently spend 150 Billion on Health Care. We would hit the Trillions EASY! Somewhere around 2 Trillion or so. Give or take a Billion here or there.

And how funny is it that this OBESE man is talking about Health Care problems when he does not even watch his own health Apparently.

What was he right on in F9/11? What the hell was he right on about Iraq? The democratic party as well as liberals have been fully invested in the failure of this war from the word go. Soon as the boots hit the ground everyone of them started to change gears. Or rather soon as the polls started to shift they started to change gears. Clear for a another loss. I don't even want to go any further into that we have been there done that.

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