Monday, July 16, 2007

What's the use!

I'd like to begin by apologizing to the boss and everyone that reads our blog. I haven't posted in a couple... okay, a few weeks.

No excuse.
However, in my defense! I really really really didn't find anything that I really gave two flying butts about!
After the immigration bill got, thankfully, assassinated in the Senate and (for now!) the fairness doctrine bill in the House, I guess I really haven't been amped up about nada!

I mean, you still have the bush-deranged peace at any cost ultra-liberals out there cryin' and whinin' about the war. blah blah blah What's the use on bloggin about that. Until the dems cut the spending from the war, which they'll never do, it pointless to even aknowledge their existence.

A westler dude offs his family and then himself! And now everybody is like, "the WWE has a steroid problem! " NO FRIGGIN DUH! You couldn't tell by how huge those dudes are! Yeah, like they're all natural! But, the revelence of steroids and Chris Benoit is still not there to me. The family had some serious problems other than steroid use. Another boring story to me.

L.A. Archdiocese to Pay $660M Over Abuse I mean, is that a real big deal there? You guys tell me.

This is pretty funny! US army officer puts 'solution to Iraq war' on eBay.

You see what I'm saying here folks! Nothing! No news out there anymore. Even on good web sources like MM's, Hot Air, Drudge, Boortz, Breitbart; I can't find anything worth putting my two cents on. Everything is so damn negative lately. Am I the only one noticing that the liberal (and the conservative) media is not getting good news out!

The stock market hits record highs and is that all over the news as something good? Nope, not while Bush is president!

Anybody see Transformers the Movie yet!?! If you haven't, You're an idiot! The movie is wicked awesome! lol Go see it!

BSG fans! I heard that there is supposed to be some trailer soon on the next season premier!
Can't wait for that to come back on!

I dunno man! I'm just burnt out on all the negative news I guess. The presidential race means nothing to me right now. The elections are still a year out and nobody is worth my vote yet. I really haven't had a writers itch. (HA! like I can write in the first place!) And I am really forcing myself to write this garbage. LOL, reminds me of college and the proffessor says, "just write what you feel!" lol

Come on guys help me out here! lol

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