Thursday, March 06, 2008

Obama Mania hitting a new level?

I spoke to good friend about this set of videos and wanted to get her take on it. She is rather moderate in some respects but also left on many others. The response given was that things are very divided and that Obama may be the one to make that Change towards unity. I responded to that with the following:

There are some things I agree with you on, this country is VERY divided, and its divided mainly by party lines. Obama to ME and to many conservatives that I talk to, does not signify the unity that conservatives are seeking. He isn't even remotely moderate on any position I can think of. Not one. His views are so far left that its almost like replacing a right wing president with a far left wing president. How the opposite extreme is unifying I do not know.

The divide will still be there, only it will be a louder voice from the right than what we see now from the left. Obama for all his great speeches he gives, to me is not the great unifier that people are believing him to be. His positions are nothing short of socialist, his idols include Lenin and Karl Marx, his foreign policy is one that failed miserably for Carter. Hell his foreign policy advisor is the same guy that Carter USED, Zbigniew Brzezinski and Robert Malley. Few people know this, just like few people actually know or listen to his positions because they get so wrapped up in his speech. There is NO DOUBT AT ALL, that the man can speak like no other president that I can think of EVER could. There is no doubt that he has this magical ability to gather people to hear him speak like no other. So great that people swoon and faint hearing him speak, they applaud when he blows his nose. That sounds more like a cult than a political movement. He is able to give a great speech about change of policy and about change of direction, but he gives me little on substance that makes me agree with the direction he wants to go in.

Yes for a president to be successful, he needs to have the power of the House and the Senate behind him. For him to move his agenda forward he has to be able to accomplish this. THIS is the reason that I will vote for Obama. Democrats will be in the position for the first time since the 70's (and we remember how great that was) to have control of both Congress and the Presidency. They will have all the support they need to move the country in whatever direction they want. I am one of those that wants to SEE that direction, and if my gut is correct, it will not be pretty. But I want to see it for my cynicism, to show people (mainly liberals) that the Socialist direction that they seek is not one that will benefit the US in any way. That jobs will leave at an exponential rate to other countries and the change people seek is all a rouse.

The majority of the people that are swaying towards him are the youth of America, and sadly the youth of this country, the 18 year old through college are not very good political decision makers and rarely are as informed as people make them out to be. They are mostly misguided in a mind set that is pushed into their minds of mush by their professors. You saw it in college, you see it now, the kids walking around with che shirts like its cute, embracing socialism and Marxism like its actually a viable system, meanwhile living in a capitalistic sytem that they despise and most of the time they don't even know why, just that they hate corporations and hate rich people.

I'll end it here. To me the video is of no surprise of how captivating this Obama Mania is. Hollywood has had this admiration for socialism and leftist policies for some time now. What is going to be rather stunning is how things develop after he is the nominee. When people start to peal away the bark on Obama, will they really bring themselves to vote for something that is damn near like a French system of government, where corporations are government owned, unions grow in power, and social services are the norm. Something inside me tells me yes, that a growing number of people want the government to take care of them. Its going to be rather amazing to see that shift, but I think we as Americans have fostered this, "someone else take care of me attitude". The way some have chosen to raise their kids, the way we have become ever so dependent on the federal government and seeking them for solutions to local and state problems only leads me further to believe that people in the general election WILL vote for Obama over McCain.

It will be an interesting 4 years.


LRO said...

"THIS is the reason that I will vote for Obama."

CP, you don't actually mean that do you?

CP said...

Meant it 100%

I want people to understand the fundamental problem with Democrats and Liberals. That for all their talk of freedoms etc, they are the ones that institute the most restrictions on people across the board. They are the ones that want to keep you dependent on the Government for everything.

I await the November election knowing full well who I will be voting for. The Great new "Hope".