Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Off To War

Everyone should be watching this thing. Its a great documentary on the Discovery Times Channel about the lives of some Army Reservists that go off to Iraq and right into Baghdad. Its raw, no bleeping no nothing. It follows both the time of the Reservists and their families and it is great.

If you have TIVO set it up to record it. If you dont I think it comes on Saturdays in the evening.

I was watching what I have TIVO'd and it really showed you what its really like to have to go off to war. Its really odd how reservists seem so much different then career military that I have met.

There was one part that Pissed me off big time and I mean really made me mad. There is a part where they show the guys already in Kuwait and needing to Up-armor their Vietnam Error Trucks with Pieces of Scarp Metal and old Flak armor.

I was fucking pissed watching that and was wondering WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE DOING WITH OUR DEFENSE SPENDING. It also really leads me more down the path of thinking that the US really isnt that Militarily advanced as it claims to the world to be. That it may just be all a sham to confuse the outside Nations that we are very advanced.

What also pissed me off is that they had these reservists guarding and going into combat areas to get suspected insurgents with no prior training for it. I dont get that shit! How can you just throw people into those situations with no training.

Another part that pissed me off is about this one man that goes over there and is pretty old. He is I want to say 50 maybe and is injured severly in a Mortar attack. His jaw gets blown off his bone in his arm shattered and when he gets back he need to apply for SSI because he cannot continue working for Maytag in his condition. And he has waited more then 2 months and NO DAMN CHECK YET! Yet we give checks out to wefare recipients quickly but a service man that served for OUR DAMN COUNTRY gets the shaft.

That pissed me the fuck off. And on top of that the company he was working for Maytag said they wont give him his pension till he turns 60 or some shit like that because he wasnt injured on the job but in the war! WTF is that! Fuck Maytag!

In any case its a great show and everyone should watch it.

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