Monday, October 17, 2005


I cant even believe I am posting a second time on here. LOL...

I still dont know what direction I want to take this crazy blog.

Lets start I guess with my weekend. I went to Hollow Scream at Bush Gardens and I have to say that is was the biggest waste of my time ever. Spent about 6 hours in the park and only got on 2 "attractions" I cant even call one of them rides cause it was some cheesy haunted house.

It took over 2 hours to get on one roller coaster there. And about 2 hours for this cheesy haunted house. Most of our time was spent just on line and walking from one place to the next.

You walk through certain areas and along the side of the walk way are people jumping out trying to scare you. I cant front I was caught once right in the begining. But other then that I didnt get caught. All you can really hear all around you was girls screaming.

It was perhaps the biggest waste of 60 dollars I have spent. By the end of the night we figured we could have spent our money alot better on something else.


Sunday was the first day I went back to playing basketball in over 2-3 months. I was rusty to say the least. I'm going to put some real effort to get back in basketball shape. I mean I was huffing and puffing way to much even in the first game. My body feels soar all over.

It was good to be back playing ball. Its still my one true escape from everything. I love basketball.


Here is something that I wonder about. How is a person supposed to react when they find out someone is constantly bashing them behind their back but act buddy buddy in their face?

Do you approach the person?
Do you drop subtle hints?
Do you just brush it off your shoulder and keep it moving?

I am not sure.

Ehhh that is my post for the day. 2nd post. WOW.

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