Thursday, November 09, 2006

Election results

WOW! What else can you say. The Dems won. Republicans pissed off at the senate and the house voted against them or just didnt vote. Sending a message to the republicans to GET BACK TO WORKING FOR THEM. I think this was more of a disdain for republicans then it was for a search for solutions from deomcrats.

Lets be honest here, none of the democrats actually said anything worthy during their bids. It was mostly negative. Similar to the John Kerry campaign. Its been almost 48 hours now and still 52 hours left for Pelosi's little 100 hour speech.

My guess is that the democrats wont do ANYTHING about Iraq, at all. They wont change a damn thing knowing that if things dont get accomplished over there that they have an even better shot at the 2008 presidential campaigns.

So now we will see exactly how things will change.
It looks to me as though the Islamo Facists have won, Hezbullah will win again, alquaeda has won and the protection of this nation will fall flat. The reasons I say that is because the democrats have time and time again shown that they care NOT about protecting this nation but about opposing this president. Its laughable really.

I have been posting on forums far to long. Argued with libs from all corners. They STILL dont get it. Regardless of what facts you slam up their noses they still dont get it. So this time I will do things different. I will use this site to post my commentary more often and drop facts on here for the next 2 years documenting where these democrats are taking america.

Not bitter. Not at all. I am no republican. I am no democrat. I am a conservative, slightly more moderate then anything but a conservative none the less. But what I will do is document things on here for future resources. Much like I have done in my massive archive of information from 2004 but havent posted online.

Not mad.. Congrats to the democrats.
Lord help us all.

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