Friday, November 10, 2006

Hamas leader hints he'll bow out

Soooooo.. If the west is this vast evil. Why cant Palestine function without its aide? Hmmmm..
America is looked at as soo evil by these liberal socilist freaks yet here it shows how much they NEED US!

GAZA CITY (CNN) -- Hamas leader and Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Ismail Haniya suggested Friday that he would not head a proposed unity government if stepping aside would help to bring back Western aid.

Speaking to worshippers gathered for Friday prayers at a Gaza City mosque, Haniya said the West did not want him to be a part of the new administration and would not lift its embargo unless he is replaced as leader.

"[They have] one condition, that the siege will not be lifted unless the prime minister is changed," Haniya said, according to Reuters. "When the issue is like this, the siege on one hand, the prime minister on the another ... I prefer the siege be lifted and the suffering ended."

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