Monday, November 13, 2006

Sting operation is a problem in UK?

So let me get this right. Undercover sting operations to get information on possible weapons selling with Iran is a problem with the liberals of the UK. Heck that doesnt sound too different from our very own ACLU and liberals here complaining about wire taps on terror suspects.

Undercover American agents are staging secret 'sting' operations in Britain against criminal and terrorist suspects they want to extradite to the US.

Comment: Beware: George Bush's secret agents can now arrrest us in our own country

In a recent operation, agents from America's Department of Homeland Security set up a suspect by posing as dealers wanting to illegally sell night-vision goggles for export to Iran.

The spies arranged a series of clandestine meetings in London hotels, which they secretly filmed as evidence. It is thought to be the first time American agents have been caught using such sting tactics in Britain.

I am convinced 100% that some people wont learn till the bullet or bomb penetrates their own skin. Till an attack physically involves them in some way will they then understand the true nature of the threat posed by radical islam.

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