Thursday, January 31, 2008

Conservatism dead?

I have been trying my best at not blogging about the current primary elections.
Mostly because I believe that every one of them suck.

Rudy has bowed out and even though Rudy was one of the reasons I realized I am a conservative I am glad he did. He ran a horrible campaign and really had no vision that resounded well with the rest of America.

McCain is the "new front runner" after Huckabee went from BOOM to BUST in 1 state.
I guess people really started looking at Hucakabee's actual record instead of the fact that he goes to church every week. Go figure.

With McCain as the new front runner I am really concerned about the fact that conservatism in America as we know it may be dead. The days of Regan Conservatism is passing and is being replaced with this new liberal-conservatism. McCain along with the likes of Mel Martinez and Crist who both endorsed McCain in the final hours of the Primaries in Florida made me realize its dead. Floridas primaries this year seem to be the defining moment on when I realized that its all but dead folks.

The Primaries were open only to registered Republicans so I could not vote as I have no part affiliation. And McCain won! I was in total shock to be honest. How the hell did Floridians decide that McCain can now be called a Conservative is beyond me. There isn't anything that he believes in that would even come close to being called Conservative, yet here they are choosing him as the nominee.

For Christs sake he backed McCain/Feingold and McCain/Kennedy and you wonder WTF is so Conservative about that?

People talk about how McCain can reach across party lines and negotiate. But that is BULLSHIT. He doesn't negotiate, he flat out gives liberals what they want. How the hell was the Immigration bill this last summer even remotely a negotiation. It was a damn Amnesty plan.

Romney is the other front runner. I have stated before "I do not trust this guy". Romney makes John Kerry look consistent!

What is wrong with the conservative part of the Republican party?
Mits Romneywho switches opinions like he is changing underwear and John I concede everything to liberals McCain? Really?

At LEAST Romney understands economics. Even though he is a complete corporate welfare type of guy.

McCain on the other hand can't even answer a question about economics without saying he will have "OTHERS" with him in his administration that will know about it. WTF IS THAT? Leadership is one thing, sure its a good thing to have, but what good is leadership if you don't have a CLUE on WTF you are leading on. Its like a bring great leader and in a war on the front lines, but not having a clue about military operations.

He didn't even answer the question!
Just that he'll have OTHER GUYS making those decisions pretty much!

I digress.

I fear I will have no one that I can put my real support behind.

If McCain in fact if ANYONE of the front runners for the Republican Party win the nomination I will vote for Obama or Hillary. As I have stated countless times on forums. I will NOT vote for the Devil I know over the Devil I don't any longer. I figure if we are going to go down the toilet, lets flush this shit down quickly. Obama and Clinton being so close together on actual issues are just the people to take us there quick!

Let liberals and Americans see what it is like when you have Congress and the White house under Democratic/Liberal rule.

You need a Carter to get a Reagan!
Bring it on then!

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LRO said...

Great post on McCain CP. To me it looks like He will be the nominee. My guy has been Huckabee, i like him alot but he has not been getting the wins he needs. The main reason I like Huck; is he supports the Fairtax and vote for huck means the Fairtax stays in the front stage longer.