Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bad Moon Rising

Wednesday night, February 29, 2008 the Western Hemisphere will experience a total Lunar Eclipse. That is, the Moon will be completely covered by Earth's umbra, or shadow. The Earth will briefly be directly in between the Sun and Moon. The Moon will still be visible to us Earthlings because of the refraction of light rays escaping the atmosphere. Because of the atmosphere acting like a filter, the only rays that will be able to escape is of the red spectrum. The Moon will appear blood red or brownish in color. Here is what is interesting about this: many religions associate the Moon turning blood red as a bad omen; even the bible. Read it here and here.

Interestingly, Cristopher Columbus used the Lunar Eclipse to his advantage.

Rewind to 504 years ago!

The story goes in 1504, Columbus was stranded and badly needing supplies in Jamaica. The locals were fed up and warring (perhaps mad as hell they were on their land, but that is another hisotry lesson) with these foreigners from Europe. They refused to give Columbus and crew anything.

Columbus looked to his almanac and discovered a mathematicians lunar prediction. Ding, goes off in the bold explorer's head!

He goes to the tribesman and tells them if they do not give him what he requires he will hide the moon!

Okay, I bet the tribesman were telling Colombus to get his white Euro-trash ass back on his dingy and fuck-off right? Yep! So Colombus says beware! (Disclaimer! These words are not actual conversation!)

That night I'm sure Colombus prayed his ass off that this pencil-necked mathematician from Berlin, or wherever, better had his numbers right!

Low and behold Colombus' bet paid off and the locals begged for him to return the moon!!!

Of course Colombus did so, but not before getting what supplies he and his crew needed!

Now that is genius!

Now what I'm getting at here is, how many times have you seen this happen today? Today as in our present time.

Me? I see it every freakin' day when Senators Obama and Clinton take the stage and make their threats to tax the evil rich and empty promises to the ignorant, uneducated, and emotional (make me faint when I hear Obama speak) liberals.

P.S. Thanks Breibart for a bit of the actual historical reference on Columbus' story. Read it here if you like.

P.S.S. Uhhh, let us also hope that Wed. night's shootdown of some supposedly bazzilion dollar satellite goes well and doesn't shootdown the Moon!

P.S.S.S. Just kidding NAVY!!! LOL

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