Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Merida Initiative

Thank God for Americans like Michelle Malkin. Please read this report from her about Bush plan to fund the southern Mexican border with American taxpayer money with security resouces so they control thier illegal immigration problems.

Yeah you heard me! America is going to help Mexico's border problem! HEEELLLLLOOOO!!
Is Bush Serious???

Read MM's story here pronto!

Get Boortz's brilliant take on this what I like to call this Meirda Initiative. Meirda means shit by the way... just so you know.

Honestly folks. I'm really speechless here. Half the time I really don't understand Bush and Co.

America will not last long, as a sovereign nation, with continual harmful initiatives like this.


CP said...


The ridiculousness of Bush's proposal isn't what gets me. Its that the media has been SILENT on it.

LRO said...

Of course the media is going to be silent on this one. Open borders is what the political elitists and MSM want to happen. More and more I am seeing it. And I am not talking about some conspiracists' theories of an EU like nation and North American highway mumbo-jumbo but, the PE's and MSM's lack of intestinal fortitude to do what's right for this great nation!!!!