Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Obama and El Che.

Now this is fairly old on the Blogosphere but I felt it necessary to capture most of the important things here. Val from Babalu Blog has done a PHENOMENAL job of getting everything pertaining to Obama and the the Che flag.
So here is a small recap.

Obama Campaign office had a flag of El Che during a recent local news report.
A Fox Affiliate had the report with Video.

The Obama Campaign issued a statement about the Flag:

Statement from the Barack Obama Campaign over Inappropriate Use of Flag
February 13, 2008

"Senator Obama has made it clear that we will maintain the embargo as a way to leverage meaningful democratic change in Cuba. The office featured in this video is funded by volunteers of the Barack Obama Campaign and is not an official headquarters for his campaign."

And a more recent updated more PC version:

"This is a volunteer office that is not in any way controlled by the Obama campaign. We were disappointed to see this picture because it is both offensive to many Cuban-Americans -- and Americans of all backgrounds -- and because it does not reflect Senator Obama’s views. Barack Obama has been very clear in putting forward a Cuba policy that is based on one principle: freedom for the Cuban people." -- Obama Campaign

That was a steaming pile of Bull Shit!
Video proof of Otherwise:

Seeing as every campaign involves "volunteers" except for the upper echelon of a campaign its pretty silly to just say this is an outside effort. But lets talk about this Houston "volunteer" for a minute.

Maria Isabel is a precinct captain for Obama. She is also co-chair of a volunteer group called Houston Obama Leadership Team (HOLT). She has pictures of herself with both Obama and his wife on her Flickr page. She is obviously very active in both the campaign and the Democratic party. Just because she's not a paid employ does not exonerate her or the campaign. Almost everyone except the very top people on a campaign are volunteers.

While Obama may try to distance himself from any Socialists ties NOW. The following post will open some eyes on that front.


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