Monday, July 17, 2006

The internet buzz

The internet is all abuzz about this Israeli/Hamas/Hezbollah war.

There are some that are just regurgitate constant BS of revolutionary propaganda while sitting at a computer screen whacking off. Talking of Puerto Rico and how it should be free of so called "US imperialism" yet living in the imperialist's nation.

Not to mention constantly Filling themselves with one sided garbage from obviously slanted left wing sites, and views only to further strengthen the thought that there are more like minded individuals in the world.

When presented with facts from any angle they will deny it. They wont accept it, they will call it unfounded sources, they will throw everything they possibly can at it. Just because their views aren't represented by another. Then they go off searching for one that does have their view and tout it as gospel.

This definitely shouldn't be about someone's ego nor should it be about people trying to push their own left wing agendas on others. Information is subjective. You either decide to believe facts presented or you continue to look for someone that will post something along your lines of thinking. Just to make yourself feel better.

The world spoke out against Israel in the 80's when it bomb Iraq. Now it is hailed.
The world spoke out against Northern Lebanon being occupied so Israel concedes the land, only to have itself being attacked from that same land not 5 years later.

It returns areas in Gaza, it gives areas in the west bank and still called a bully.

it doesn't have a right to defend itself at all it seems.
It seems to me that those that constantly profess about Israel being so evil would love it if they were off the planet. If Israelis were again moved from one country to another.
That is what it seems like.

Then you have those that talk of reparations. As though that will solve ANYTHING for those affected. So what native Americans don't pay taxes, that isn't enough the US should give them BILLIONS. Screw it if it reaches the Trillions, They should have it. It call comes down to money. So what the US gives the most foreign aide around the world that doesn't matter the US is evil.

So what that Israel is being bombed from two fronts and has suffering huge losses from suicide bombers daily in the 90's that doesn't matter. They deserved it right? They deserved every death that they have gone through. They are the aggressor here. They are the ones that took Lebanese soldiers and Palestinian soldiers and are holding them hostage in return for a few thousand soldiers.

So what Israel gave 400+ prisoners for the bodies of 4 of its own. That doesn't matter. They should have give them all back. Then following that they shouldn't have stopped at Gaza they should have given back the entire country to Palestine. Its only fair.
Then spread across the globe to different parts of the planet.

Had in WW2 they put them in Argentina like was talked about it would have been bad as well.
Had they put them anywhere on the planet, it would have been wrong.
They should have had to settle on the same grounds where millions of their own where cooked alive in giant ovens. Ohh wait let me guess you lefties (excuse me SUPPER REVOLUTIONARY HYPOCRITES) don't think the holocaust happened. That is right.

Facts speak for themselves. Both sides are guilty in this case of being BRUTAL to each other. Killing of innocents. Israel kills some innocent people they get condemned. Palestinians (HAMAS or Hezbollah kill innocents, those Jews they deserved it. But Israel was NOT the aggressor with this current war. THAT IS A FACT that none in here have accepted. And the cycle continues.

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