Thursday, July 06, 2006

North Korea... Worthy of military action?

I am sure we have all seen the recent events with N.K.
They have been talking tough about shooting off missles that can hit alaska (barely).
However I am shocked to hear so many talk about going in there and blowing them up, or bombing their facilities. I must admit that at one point back when the Iraq war started I was one of those that said why them why not North Korea or Iran. I guess I may have pulled a Kerry on this one and flip flopped.

I have been looking at this whole pre-emptive strike thing that so many Americans seem to be adapting. Its as though they want to just go around being the worlds police. Now while on the surface the may seem like a good idea (get them before they get us) its really long term a horrible one. One that may have longer consequences and lead to more dire situations. Such as what we are seeing in Iran. Where Iran wants to have a bomb to be at an "equal" with the US. Its their solution that is the equivalent to Cold War tactics. If we both have enough bombs to blow each other up then you wont attack me pre-emptively.

Now with North Korea I feel that we may be making the same mistakes that we carelessly made going into Iraq. By taking Iraq as such a huge danger. When in fact it has turned out that Iraq was nothing more then a country barely hanging on in terms of military capability. While yes North Korea can shoot a big missle into the air. They still lack the knowledge to make it even work properly. Less than 1 minue into flight and the missles came crashing down in the Japan Sea.

Now call me crazy but that doesnt seem like a country that has everything all set up very well now does it?

So it beckons the question what do we do?
Do we follow more Clintonesk type of action where we bend to their will and give them nuclear power plants as long as they are "inspected" or do we continue on the current Bush path of having other regional nations join in the talks.

I must say that I choose the latter. While Russia and China arent exactly HELPING the situation since they are basically selling NK the missles we need to look at the alternatives.

We obviously cant go back to GIVING Kim Jong Il what he wants in terms of power etc. etc. without some consession from his end.
Lets face it the ones that hurt the most with economic sanctions has been proven time and time again to be the people. Which rarely actually uprise against the govt. Unless the govt is totally inept in the military aspect.
We can only I think stay on the course of pushing for regional leaders to make strong movement on NK.
The very last thing is to start bombing their facilities.
It will lead again I think down a path that will evetually have nations like China, Venezuela, Iran firing at us in pre-emption. Seeing us as a threat to them, they attack us.

What Kim Jon Il actually I think wants is for the US to intervine to give him as well as others like Chavez and the Iraninan president the fuel they need to lead an attack at the US.

Lets face it part of the reason we went into Iraq was because we KNEW they wouldnt put up much of a fight militarily. Not many in the world can hang with the US in that respect. We went in to send a message of some sort that we can do this and to establish a great military presence in the area.

Setting the stage that has always been a problem for the US.
To defend Israel as well as to have a foot hold on a airport that sorties can be carried out in neighboring countries that may eventually sway too far out of control. Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan come to mind.
Some may call this Impreialism. But that fails the test of past imperialistic countries where we arent rulling the people there. Just setting up a base there. No different then we have done in Germany and Japan. Which by the way is something that I think we should seriously look at re-working. We really dont need to have those bases there. That is for another day.

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