Friday, July 14, 2006

War erupts in the Middle East "AGAIN"

It seem almost futile to talk about peace in the middle east.
It seems to be pretty clear that neither side wants peace. At least that is that I get from it.
You have on one side the Palestinians voting in HAMAS as their new leadership, and on the other you have the Israelis which seem to show a lot of restraint but also have short fuses at times. Not to mention Islamic Jihad on one end and Hezbollah to the north.

Seems to be that Israel has EVERY right to protect itself.
After all the Orlando sentinel today FAILED to note in their report that the initial conflict with Lebanon started with 2 Israeli soldiers being captured and taking into Lebanon.

And Contrary to what the Cease Fire listed Hezbollah has OBVIOUSLY not disarmed at all and Lebanon has done little to actually facilitate the disarmament of the terrorist organization.

I liken the actions of Israel to what we did with Afghanistan. We went in and took out the Al-Queda hell hole that was in there and took out the govt that was harboring them as well.

Lets pray that this does not get any further escalation and Israel heeds the cease fire on Lebanon and that it doesn't spread into Syria. However I don't see any clear ending to the current "WAR" in the region.

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