Thursday, April 05, 2007

Laser TV coming...

GREAT. I barely have my 55 inch DLP WEGA for a little over a year and BANG! Something new.

Plasma was king until LCD got bigger and better. And just when you thought you could settle down in front of a huge LCD screen and enjoy some high-def peace of mind comes LaserTV. Developed by Novalux, LaserTV has this little calling card: it costs 50% less to produce, has double the color range, and uses 75% less power.

Technology has always been about faster and cheaper, and flat panel TVs have gone on nearly a death spiral of low pricing thanks to cheap manufacturing plants in Mexico and Asia and the ever-increasing leaps in component technology. Circuit City in fact just announced that it was cutting its higher-paid workforce due to razor-slim margins in big ticket electronics.

What Does This Mean?

So here is where LaserTV fits, in the big picture (so to speak.) LaserTV is a projection technology, so if you like micro-thin flat panels, this is not for you. The technology replaces the spinning UHP lamp in the back of projection DLP and LCD TVs with laser-beaming hardware. The lasers are faster and use less power, and they create a picture that side by side, has blown away the best plasma, projection and LCDs sets currently on the market.

Well I guess that means prices will drop for next year and I can get that LCD on the ceiling like I wanted. :LOL:

Well without the large laser in the room of course.

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LRO said...

I want one!!!
I want to see how Ghost Recon looks on that screen!! lol