Saturday, April 07, 2007

Time To Act on Immigration Reform!!!

Recently a criminal illegal murdered two girls in a DUI accident see here.
Now, reports of the way illegal immigrants have to live when they get here is coming out in the open.

Authorities found at least 80 suspected illegal immigrants in a house west of Phoenix and arrested two suspected smugglers, a police official said.
Authorities shot tear gas into the house, forcing one of the suspected smugglers out. They found the other suspect hiding in the attic, said Peoria police spokesman Mike Tellef.
He said authorities became aware of the drop house after a Michigan resident called U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, saying one of their relatives had called because the smugglers were demanding more money.
ICE spokeswoman Virginia Kice did not confirm how the agency became aware of the drop house and declined to release further information.
Tellef said none of the immigrants requested medical treatment, although some had said they hadn't eaten for at least a day.
"We're very fortunate that nobody got hurt," he said. "We're lucky that we're not running into 100-degree temperatures yet."
The one-story home is located in a middle-class neighborhood, he said.
The immigrants were in the custody of ICE.
Tellef said the drop house is the second the department has found this week. On Monday, he said 30 suspected illegal immigrants and four suspected smugglers were found in a Peoria home.
On Thursday in Phoenix, police found 60 suspected illegal immigrants packed in a home after responding to a call about shots being fired. No one was hurt, and the immigrants were turned over to ICE.

I am all for hard working immigrants to come here to America. To live well and prosper. Abide by our laws. Nobody! Nobody, denies this. But, what is happening is this politicaly correct world we live in, people are getting lost in the dark. These people are being exploited for CHEAP LABOR and live in horrible onditions!This is what turning a blind eye to illegal immigrations does!!!

How is this racist when conservatives says we need to change our immigration laws to make sure we need people to come hear LEGALLY? In post-9/11 we need to know who, what, where people are going and doing in ourcountry. But, not only that people are not getting paid fairly and are afraid to tell aurthorities of horrible working conditions and so on!

If you are really compassionate for these people, in coming here and making it in America for themselves and their families, then get them to come legally! That way they do not get lost and abused by companies and criminals!

We have a huge problem with this border issue and immigration. And it is not getting any

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