Thursday, April 19, 2007

Where was the media Coverage on this?

White people need to be exterminated:

That according to Kamau Kambon on C-SPAN of all places?
Where was the news coverage on this?

Watch the video!

Where was Sharpton And Jesse here?
Listen to the clapping in the back ground?
The sad thing is he was a college professor! WOW!

Hell lets go to the NEW BLACK PANTHER LEADERSHIP and see what he has to say:

Wow... Looks like the Black Panthers haven't changed much?
Just given themselves the name "NEW" as though there is anything different now?


LRO said...

I just can not believe the amount of anger and incoherence from these two! Blows my mind that people can live thier lives thinking that WHITE people want to EXTERMINATE them!

YRG said...

It must be a sad existence when you think you need to exterminate anything!!

Anonymous said...

Probably not as sad as trying to compare this video of an unknown person with no audience to what Don Imus said a few weeks ago.

Hate is wrong regardless but don't draw a correlation between what a man with an audience of thousands said over the air waves to a c-span video no one saw.

LRO said...

You cannot be serious anonyMOUSE.
YOU cannot compare anyone calling for exterminition as not as serious as an irrelevant talk show host some black basketball players "nappy headed hoes"
Get real!
Imus never said "kill all black people."
So I don't see how you can even argue that just because, an EX college professor at a PUBLIC UNIVERSITY so he was not unknown,had a smaller audience than Imus, that it didn't mean anything. That doesn't make any sense.

CP said...

So unknown that he was known by the Black Panthers. LOL.

I love the argument as well that It was 2 years ago. As though the call for extermination of anyone has some sort of statute of limitations.