Friday, May 11, 2007

A Fairtax Tale

Hey ya'll! Anybody heard of the FairTax Plan? HR25 and SR25 is an attempt to get rid of the IRS. Imagine, no more income tax returns, no more spending hundreds of dollars or hours preparing the dreadful paperwork!

Let's imagine that the FairTax is the law. We've been operating under the FairTax since the day you drew your first paycheck. It's all you know. Here is your imaginary "reality." On every payday you get your complete paycheck. There are no deductions. If you earn $2,000 per week, you get a check for $4,000 every two weeks. You never have to save receipts or create any records pertaining to federal taxes. You can invest money without paying any taxes on it. You don't have to pay taxes on the money you earn through your investment portfolio.

You pay no taxes on any money you put in your savings account. When you die you get to leave your entire estate, everything you own, to whomever you wish. The federal government will take no taxes from your estate. Your death is not a taxable event. When you go to the store to buy an item, and the price tag says $19.99, you will had a $20 bill to the cashier and get one penny back. The price tag is the price. There are four people in your household. You, your spouse and two rug rats. At the beginning of every month you get a check or a credit to your checking or charge card account in the amount of $506.00 to compensate you for the federal sales taxes that are included in the price of everything you buy; right up to the poverty level.

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Read up a little about it on Neal Boortz's website and order his book!

Also! There will be a FairTax rally in Columbia, SC this coming Tuesday! Why is that important? Because on the same day and same time of the rally is the Republican debate there too! So the attempt is to make enough noise to attract the attention of the candidates to show that Fairtax supporters are serious with doing away with the IRS! More info on Boortz's page!

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