Thursday, May 03, 2007

Latino Racism

I am mixed from both my Spaniard looking mother and my African looking father. Something that was TABOO in DR back in the 70's and 80's. My father has told me of his experiences in his life early on in the late 70's when he came here to America. The jobs as a busboy, the racism he experienced at the nursing home he worked at, and even his times as a cab driver. But the one thing I have admired about MY FATHER is that he kept it movin.

If something held him back in some way he didn't go off on an tangent and complain and sulk he moved forward. Its the only way to CHANGE MINDS to move forward not to become recessive in your actions because then the ones that thought you could not do it were right! You fed into their desires.

Today my father is VERY SUCCESSFUL and so is my mother.
They own several businesses and real estate and they got it not by complaining about things but about moving forward. The same I can say about the richest man I know my uncle. Mofo is dark very dark and has built an empire in DR from the ground floor up based on real estate and land development. His kids are the same; pioneers in their own industry. Finance, Auto and Real estate. IN DR of all places

"Para lante siempre para tras ni parap cojer impulso " My father would say and my dark uncle as well.

I as a latino working in 2 mostly ALL WHITE industries I can honestly say that racism with the people I HAVE worked with I have not seen outright. Maybe in the shadows you may get 1 or 2. But at least not with the people I have worked with. People seem receptive on my sales meetings and hell I get kudos all the time from my buyers on my presentations which even go into the deep south. ALABAMA.

The point is that we all need to break barriers for the ONLY WAY to open paths for the next generation is by being BETTER than expected of even BETTER than the next person. Not because we are of color or JUST because we are Latino but because it levels out the playing field for ALL that come next. Shows that we ALL can do things that was not thought of.

My other point is that things are NOT what they were before in the 60's, 70's and 80's HERE IN AMERICA. I cannot speak for other Latin American countries because I DO NOT LIVE THERE. We HERE in the US are the generation that is making headway and changing the landscape of what will be our children's future and Grand children's future. We need to AT LEAST recognize that as a milestone and move forward INDIVIDUALLY for the COLLECTIVE! Passing on the message of UNITY to our kids and correcting what is BLATANTLY OUR OWN ISSUES in our most impoverished areas of this country.

It again is NOT the OUTSIDE holding us in. Its ourselves holding OURSELVES there.

My dream is that we get to a point where we no longer need or WANT an AA bill. Where I am and everyone else is hired based on my qualifications, what I can bring to the table and what I can achieve, NOT on my skin tone to fill a certain quota. That shyt to ME is the most demoralizing thing you can do to a person. Have them as a charity case.

Some of you may like that. I however DO NOT. And never will.

If we all as INDIVIDUALS focused on making things BETTER for the WHOLE and not focus on what kind of racism we might encounter or worry about the person at the counter giving us awkward looks we would achieve MORE. WHY because more of our energy would go toward SHOWING the change then letting the racism EFFECT US!

Its not about complacency but its about the level of thinking that Tego even spoke about.



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LRO said...

CP, Great piece my man!
That was straight from the heart and honest. Bill Cosbyisque! lol