Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sad story

There are few stories that make me tear up. Being so exposed to the media all the time and its constant negative portrayal of the world we live in can do that. But this was one of those stories that made me tear up. Mostly I guess because I have kids myself and this would be horrible.

Teen accused of killing Long Island man

There are two arrests in the shooting death of a Long Island man. Investigators say the person who killed the 38-year-old is just a teenager, one of several eighth and ninth graders who allegedly attacked him while trying to rob him in his home.
Eyewitness News' Jeff Rossen has the story.

Police say the alleged gunman and his friends had been planning this for days. All of them are kids, eigth and ninth graders. Authorities say they waited for just the right minute to pounce.

According to investigators, the teenaged robbers went in through a side door and immediately saw the victim's three-year-old son inside. They allegedly put him in a bedroom to get him out of the way.

Suddenly, his father, Carlton Shaw, saw the robbers himself. Shaw actually chased them away but it wasn't over yet.

"They waited in a wooded area," Detective Lieutenant Jack Fitzpatrick of the Suffolk County Police Department told Eyewitness News, "and started to come back to the house. Mr. Shaw must have observed them. He walked toward the rear fence, and one of them fired a handgun, striking Mr. Shaw in the chest, killing him."

The accused killer: a 16-year- old boy, a student at Bellport High School. Police say Terraine Slide pulled the trigger and killed this loving father of two.

"He's a good man," the victim's girlfriend said after the killing. Griselda Amaya said Shaw was never in any trouble, and just worked all the time, holding down three jobs.

Suffolk County detectives say there were five boys involved, all students at Bellport Middle and high schools. Cops know who they are, and have already arrested a second suspect but Terrain Slide is the alleged gunman and is the only one charged with murder.

Police say they cracked the case after one of the kids got a lawyer and confessed to his role in the incident.

Investigators say the kids chose to rob Shaw's house because it was well-kept.

Here is the part that just got me:

In a horrible twist, Shaw's three-year-old son, the one put into the bedroom, eventually found his father's lifeless body outside the house. The little boy rested his head on his dad and fell asleep. That's how a neighbor found them.

These teens should be thrown in jail FOREVER charged with the Death Penalty. Screw a rehabilitation. Screw second chances here. Now this morning I am just Angry. As all of you should be too at this ridiculousness.

WTF is wrong with our youth these days that they just shoot someone in cold blood to rob them? There are so many other ways to get money like GETTING A DAMN JOB!

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LRO said...

I am speechless CP.
I mean what do you tell the family to ease their pain. What about the boys now with no father!
A shame...