Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Whining is not exclusive to just American Liberals apparently

It didn't take long for the socialists and super liberals to start riots in France after the win of Sarkozy this week. It seems that a whinny liberal is the same no matter what side of the Atlantic he/she is on.

Right after his victory, angry youths burned cars and clashed with police in several cities. Police reported Monday that 730 cars were burned and at least 592 people detained overnight across the country, while some 78 officers were injured.

On Monday night, several hundred people massed for a second night at the Place de la Bastille in Paris, breaking windows in shops and starting street fires. Riot police dispersed them.

Yeah cause burning someones car and breaking a window of a business makes PERFECT sense following an election in which the opponent not only lost but was BLOWN OUT!

Experts said Sarkozy was able to steal working-class votes from the left by playing up his tough cop image and by pounding away at the theme that he believes in rewarding hard work.

"The main attraction among workers were the security-immigration duo, which works, and the values of hard work: He put the emphasis on increasing purchasing power," said Frederic Dabi, a pollster with Ifop.

MAYBE following the Riots in 2005 and 2006 by "certain sectors" in France the people had ENOUGH of this crap and wanted things to go back the way they were. Where France was France not midtown Morocco.

That is the description I got from a friend that lived in France for a year. He very much HATED being there. Hell the worst part is that HE IS FRENCH!

Sarkozy has drawn up a whirlwind agenda for his first 100 days in office and plans to put big reforms before parliament in July. One would make overtime pay tax-free to encourage people to work more. Another would put in place tougher sentencing for repeat offenders, and a third would toughen the criteria for immigrants trying to bring their families to France.

Hey sounds like great plans for even here in the US!
Now lets wait and see what results from all of this and how much longer liberals and socialists and hell even Marxists take to burn a couple hundred more cars.
So far there has been no call by the police chief of France into investigations into how harsh the tactics of the Riot police were.

I guess there is no equivalent to William Bratton in France.
The one time GREAT COP turned politician.

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