Monday, June 18, 2007

20/20 Stupid in America

This is a very EYE OPENING piece by 20/20.

I love how 20/20 even tacked the BS about schools needing more money to teach these kids. I love how we are already spending 10K per student and its still not working. Yet schools in other nations spend a FRACTION of what we do and still get our ASSES kicked in international tests. I mean MY GOD in this piece you have High School students that are asked a basic question about the CIVIL WAR. What was the main reason for the conflict during the Civil War. You think WOW HOW SIMPLE but she didn't know!?

Another great point brought up by 20/20 was the fact that schools in America are not based on choices. And that the money for each student is not attached to the individual student but to the School. That is the main flaw I think. You need to make it a competition for whom can get the best grades for their kids and teach them the best to attract that money. The increased performance benefits the kids as well as parents and the nation as a whole.

Perfect example. My son needs to start Pre-K. So far he has been at home with his mom for the last year or so and the improvement with her at home is amazing. As compared to when he was in Kinder Care which supposedly is good but it was not ANY BETTER even at 700 dollar a MONTH! But now we have to put him into school and our Public Schools are HORRIBLE. Some are better in another area but we are being forced to go to a school in our area even though it is BELOW AVERAGE and has been so for years with no progress. We have lived in the area for 3 years and NOTHING has improved other than the school becoming a Charter School but the jury is still out on what progress is going to come from that. I am not going to take that risk with my child, so we made the decision to send our child to Private School and will continue to do so as long as possible to give my son an advantage over everyone else in terms of education. And you best to believe that we will be attending every event the school has and keep tabs on his progress as well as the schools progress.

The best thing that can happen to schools is that Parents are given a CHOICE on where they send their child. And that the money PER CHILD state wide is attached to the CHILD and NOT to the school. Enough of this endless and mindless system we have where kids are FORCED to go to schools that are horrible and where teachers do nothing but accept the status quo. Its time to clean house as well on some of these failing schools. ASAP.

UNIONS are the biggest thing holding back any progress in schools.
They rally against an OBVIOUS thing to help improve the situations in schools. Which is to be able to have your own choice in which school you go to. Hell you can't fire a bad teacher in many cases. UNLESS of course the teacher teaches religion in school but sexual scandal no problem, you can't teach worth a shit, NO PROBLEM.

All these teachers do in these unions are promote the status quo. Not let parents choose schools and are against anything that involves voucher programs as seen in Florida with the teachers Unions. Its a damn shame. And I THINK its because most of these teachers are AVID socialists that believe that the STATE is the only solution for any of these kids or citizens in general. What a damn shame.

We need some MAJOR reform in school.

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