Thursday, June 21, 2007

Financial Aid and Scholarships for Undocumented Students

Need help filing for government financial aid? Illegal Alien, no problem!
Here is instructions, step by step to file for aid. Want in-state tuition fees? Just be sure you pick the right state!

This page contains information about financial aid and scholarships for undocumented students and illegal aliens. (The terms "undocumented student",
"illegal alien", and "illegal immigrant" are used interchangeably and intentionally in this page to enable this page to be found by students who are trying to find information about scholarships for undocumented students.)
Financial aid is generally not available for undocumented students and illegal aliens. The majority of all student aid, including Federal student aid, requires the recipient to be a US citizen or permanent resident (green card holder) or an eligible non-citizen. There are, however, a few states that allow undocumented students to qualify for in-state tuition rates. There are also several private scholarships available to undocumented students.

In-State Tuition
There is a conflict between Federal and State law regarding the eligibility of undocumented students for in-state tuition rates. Federal law passed in 1996 prohibits illegal aliens from receiving in-state tuition rates at public institutions of higher education. Specifically, Section 505 of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 (Title 8, Chapter 14, Sec. 1623(a)) states: "an alien who is not lawfully present in the United States shall not be eligible on the basis of residence within a State (or a political subdivision) for any postsecondary education benefit unless a citizen or national of the United States is eligible for such a benefit (in no less an amount, duration, and scope) without regard to whether the
citizen or national is such a resident."
Several states -- Texas, California, New York, Utah, Illinois, Washington, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Kansas -- have passed state laws providing in-state tuition benefits to illegal aliens who have attended high school in the state for three or more years. Similar legislation is pending in Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Maryland (legislation passed, but awaiting governor's signature), Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. (Wisconsin also passed such a law, but the governor vetoed it.) Also, some schools in Georgia provide in-state tuition benefits to illegal aliens. The Texas law also allows illegal aliens to receive state
student financial aid.

But wait there's more! Not only this site tells which illegals how to file for financial aid and which states give in-state tuition to illegals but tugs on the hearts of all those who are so compasionate for the children and family of those how violated our laws and security this republic.

The heart of the controversy concerning in-state tuition for illegal immigrants is a conflict between pragmatism, compassion and fairness. On the one hand, why should children of illegal immigrants be punished for violations of immigration law by their parents or for delays caused by INS bureaucracy? Denying illegal aliens in-state tuition rates denies most of them access to a higher education. Many of these students will eventually become legal residents. One can also argue that the cost of not helping these students pursue a higher education is greater than the cost of helping them.

Give me a friggin' break!
Denying illegal aliens in-state tuition denies them higher education!?!
Really? AWWWW ssooo soowwwy! There are Americans in the same damn boat okay!
You know, here's a thought; how many will get educated here in America, at taxpayers expense, and leave!?! How many will say, "hey thanks American suckers! See-ya!"
And so how does a student eagerly seeking higher education get around the FAFSA requirements? Here:

Federal Student Aid
If the student is a US Citizen but one or more parents are undocumented, the student is eligible for federal student aid. However, if the parents supply a fake or stolen social security number (SSN) on the form, the student's FAFSA will be rejected when the parent's social security number fails to match. The FAFSA may also be rejected when the parents submit a SSN or Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) that is valid for work purposes only. If the parents do not have a social security number or the social security number fails the match, they should use 000-00-0000 as their social security number on the FAFSA form.

So folks, another round of applause please for sanctuary states and cities, oh... and sanctuary congress too!

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Anonymous said...

Ok...I understand that some people only see...yes they are illegal, they should become illegal. I have a loved on that has been here since he was 2. His parents brought him here illegally. Becasue of this he is paying the price. He is a very smart individual, wants to become a provider and be american. He has filed but they haven't gotten to his case to make him legal and has years to go. He is graduating high school this year and what is he suppose to do? They are low income and not legal. Now he has to pay that price and just be a non tax paying individual. Would you rather him be illegal and not have an education or get his degree and then when he does become legal, it will benefit society?