Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Too little rain...

..must be global warming. Too little rain, well that is global warming too.

Jun. 19 - California's dry spell has cities looking for ways to conserve water.

But a Columbia University researcher isn't referring to the dry spell as a drought. He sees it as a transition to a more arid climate. Unlike past droughts, the culprit, he says, is global warming.

Yeap they are blaming global warming on a drought in California.
Wait its raining like crazy in China

Floods and landslides triggered by heavy rain have killed 36 people and left 13 missing in southwest and central China, state media reported Wednesday.

The deaths are in addition to the 128 who died last week from flooding in other parts of southern China.

The official Xinhua news agency said the latest deaths came in Chongqing municipality and in Sichuan and Guizhou provinces in southwest China and in Hubei province in central China.

About 292,000 people had been relocated as of Wednesday because of the floods, a spokesman with the Ministry of Civil Affairs was quoted as saying.

The flood also triggered landslides, inundated croplands and cut off telecommunications, electricity and water supplies, he said.

More than 17,000 homes were destroyed, Xinhua said.

But hell we don't have to go too far to see problems with flooding.
Lets head over just 3 states from California to Texas

Two children among the dead; many residents are left stranded on rooftops
By The Associated Press

GAINESVILLE, Texas — Torrential overnight rainfall flooded a handful of North Texas towns Monday, killing at least four people and stranding residents and their pets on the roofs of their homes.

A 5-year-old girl and her grandmother were swept to their deaths after the family’s mobile home was carried off its foundation and lodged against a bridge above a swollen creek in this city along the Oklahoma border, said Cpl. Mike Linnell of the Texas Department of Public Safety. Divers were searching for the girl’s sister, while the mother was pulled to safety.

In Haltom City, a Fort Worth suburb, a 4-year-old girl died after she was swept away by rushing water. Alexandria Collins’ body was found more than two hours later.

The girl’s mother, Natasha Collins, told KXAS-TV of Dallas that the last time she saw her daughter was “when the current took her out of my arms. We reached the boat, and the boat capsized.”

However, firefighters said the girl already was missing by the time they pulled her mother onto a boat. Lt. Kent Worley, a spokesman for the Fort Worth Fire Department, said that boat never capsized and that he didn’t know of other boats involved in the rescue.

A woman died in Sherman, about 60 miles northwest of Dallas, after her car stalled in rising water and was swept away, Sherman police Sgt. Bruce Dawsey said.

About 125 residents of a Sherman nursing home were evacuated, and an unknown number of people were rescued from an office building where the roof started caving in, Dawsey said.

Wait lets head on over to the northeast for more

ROSCOE, N.Y. (AP) _ Up to four people were missing after flash floods in the southern edge of the Catskill Mountains.

Six to eight inches of rain fell in two hours late Tuesday night, sending flood waters surging and washing out roads. Roscoe's fire chief Steve Chesney told the Times Herald-Record of Middletown that several houses "were pushed around" by floodwaters.

State police said Wednesday morning that a search began for four people who were not accounted for after the floods. Searchers located two people, but it was unclear if they were among the four originally reported missing, according to state police in Liberty.

Details about the search were sketchy, in part because phone lines were down and cell service is spotty in this rural area 100 miles northwest of New York City.

Severe thunderstorms tore across the state Tuesday from Buffalo to Albany. Several thousand utility customers in western New York were still without power Wednesday morning after severe thunderstorms tore across the upstate region yesterday.

Yes folks apparently any weather pattern outside of either 1 inch of rain, or average rain fall annually, or anything above or below the average temperature is attributed to Global Warming which of course, is our fault.

Anyone else see how ridiculous this shit is?

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