Monday, June 04, 2007

Anyone catch the Democratic Debate?

—Edwards: "travel the world" and "re-establish America's moral authority."

—Clinton: bring home U.S. troops from Iraq.

—Obama: bring home U.S. troops and push for national health care.

—Delaware Sen. Joe Biden: end the war in Iraq and defuse tensions with Iran and North Korea.

—Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich: help "reshape the world for peace" and end all nuclear weapons.

—Former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel: Remind Congressional leaders they can end the war in Iraq now.

Travel the world and re-establish Moral Authority?
You running for president or Secretary of State Edwards.

Obama - National Health Care huh? I am sure that will include the additional 120 million illegals as well. Yes you read that correctly, 120 million additional. You have 20 million illegals here now, they will probably sponsor 5 more family members and this nation will go from 300 million people to 400 million a 1/4th population increase without its own citizenship making the increase.

Hey Biden what are you going to do. Give NK whatever they want. And Iran let them over run Israel into the water?

Kucinich is CRAZY. You plan on telling China to stop building Nuclear weapons too? Good luck with that. How about Iran, NK, Pakistan and India, them too? Or how about Russia?

As for the end war now crowd.

This one is for you!

You know that is what you want to do.
Just bring the white flag along with you all on your campaign stops.
Think of the Al Qaueda video sales folks!

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