Thursday, December 21, 2006

I thought Illegals were doing theJobs Americans didn't want?

Applicants line up to fill jobs left empty by Swift plant raid.

The line of applicants hoping to fill jobs vacated by undocumented workers taken away by immigration agents at the Swift & Co. meat-processing plant earlier this week was out the door Thursday.

This can't be right?
This is a slaughterhouse? Where exactly are these people coming from?
You mean there are AMERICAN CITIZENS that didn't have jobs in these cities that wanted them but couldn't get them? GET OUTA HERE? And at such a to quote Geraldo "horrible place to work that Americans simply wont work at"

Ohhh really?

Greg Bonifacio heard about the job openings on television and brought his passport, his Colorado driver's license, his Social Security card and even a color photograph of himself as a young Naval officer to prove his military service.

"I don't want to hassle with any identification problems because of my last name," said Bonifacio, a 59- year-old Thornton resident of Filipino heritage.

Sounds like he needed job bad.

Like many others who had mixed emotions about the raid, Maxine Hernandez said she was upset that families were torn apart, but believes illegal immigrants should not get work using fake documents.

No sweetie. They shouldn't be in the country at all!

"My whole family used to work there. My mom, my aunt, uncles," she said. "I guess it sort of runs in our blood."

The USED to work there?
I wonder if they were fired because an illegal would do it at less the wage?

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