Thursday, December 28, 2006

Power of Attraction?

I found this video over at Pat Campbell's site.
And I found it rather interesting.
Its been something that I have thought about for years.
The power of the mind. The power of manifesting / shaping your own destiny so to speak.

Similar to say setting a goal for yourself and reaching for that goal.
But not just reaching. Believing you can make that goal a reality.
Say buying a house. Finding that special someone. Getting that promotion.
Not something silly like wanting to be a POP star at 40 or something. LOL.
I mean really looking a goal be it in the business world or in your own personal life. Looking at that goal in your mind and grasping it.
Not thinking of what can go wrong cause it will. But thinking of what can go right because it will.

Ever hear the saying "Misery needs company?"
Well its the same thing for negative thinking.
If you think of negative scenarios you will in your own mind manifest those negative scenarios. And Vice Versa.

There is supposed to be a second part to this video but the link on google doesn't work.

Still the first part is interesting.

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