Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Illiegal Immigrant Raids...Unions defend?

Now correct me if I am wrong here but were not Unions originally set up in the US to protect US CITIZENS JOBS from being moved over seas?

So now we have a situation here where that are raid on Illegal Immigrants working with false ID's (US CITIZENS ID'S) and the people that swoop in to save them is a UNION?


The raids capped a 10-month investigation into an identity-theft scheme that may have hundreds of victims, both U.S. citizens and legal residents, officials said.

Authorities did not say how mnay people were arrested at the plants in Greeley; Grand Island, Neb.; Cactus, Texas; Hyrum, Utah; Marshalltown, Iowa; and Worthington, Minn.

The United Food and Commercial International Workers union said it would ask federal judges in all six states to halt the raids. Union spokeswoman Jill Cashen said attorneys were gathering details before filing the requests.

No charges had been filed against Swift. In a written statement, President and CEO Sam Rovit said the company has never knowingly hired illegal workers and does not condone the practice.

Immigration officials last month informed Swift that it would remove unauthorized workers on Dec. 4, but Swift asked a federal judge to prevent agents from conducting the raid, arguing it would cause "substantial and irreparable injury" to its business.

So ok... The raids were held off past Dec. 4th because of "substantial injury" to WHOM?
The union and their year end bonuses for Union Due's collections?
Give me a damn break. If anything the Union should also be slapped with a law suit.

"They are taking mothers and fathers and we're really concerned about the children," said the Rev. Clarence Sandoval of St. Thomas Aquinas Roman Catholic Church in Logan, Utah. "I'm getting calls from mothers saying they don't know where their husband was taken," he said.
Maybe they shouldn't have come into the country illegally and committed a FELONY.
If I were to steal someones Identity I would be thrown in jail with a court date on how long I will be serving.
Spare me the tears Reverend.
You are more concerned with the money you wont be collecting during next Sunday's sermon.

Why is is so damn hard for people to understand that all we want is for people to come here LEGALLY. Is that a concept too far out there for people?
Want to see what the US will be like if this continues? Look no further then California.

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