Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The man gets it!

What else can I say.
General Schissler gets it.

Air Force Brig. Gen. Mark O. Schissler said in an interview that the current strategy for fighting Islamists includes both military and ideological components that make it similar to the 40-year Cold War against communism.
"We're in a generational war. You can try and fight the enemy where they are and where they're attacking you, or prevent them and defend your own homeland," said Gen. Schissler, deputy director for the war on terrorism within the strategic plans office of the Pentagon's Joint Staff.
"But that's not enough to stop it. We've got to break the chain, and that's ... the ideology. We really need to show the errors in Islamist extremist thinking."

I have been saying this since like 04.
Americans want everything now. As in last week.
Everything need to be done like a pop tart. Instant. And many Americans simply do not grasp the threat. Its to out there for them. Lets face it many don't even know where to point to Iraq or Afghanistan on a map.

The current war on terrorism requires fighting with ideas. In the Cold War, "we didn't beat ...the communists by militarily taking them to the battlefield," he said. "We took them to the intellectual battlefield and beat them against their ideas, the ideology of communism."
One goal is to disrupt al Qaeda efforts to "radicalize" young people ages 19 to 25 through educational efforts. Another objective is to assist moderate Muslims who see extremism as unacceptable.

It is a war of ideas. Sad thing is that the radicalizing is taking place sooner then 19.
Just look the video. Don't take my word for it.
Listen to the kids words:

Ultimately, Muslim scholars, clerics and other religious and government leaders will have to "take a stand," albeit one that carries grave risks because of the extremists' harsh methods, Gen. Schissler said.

While there are some that have taken great risks to speak out against this radicalism.
Don't hold your breathe General.

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