Monday, December 18, 2006

The Pursuit of Happyness

Stepping away from politics for a minute.
I saw this movie this weekend and have to say that Will Smith once again proves how versatile an actor he really is.
From his original Fresh Prince of Bel Air days to the action packed Bad Boys to the horrible Wild West. The man has proven that you don't have to stuck in one industry and stay there. Making the jump from Hip Hop to TV to the big screen. His story alone is worthy of a novel.

Will Smith has done some amazing movies and some not so great ones. With the great ones far out weighting the not so great ones.

This movie fits under the category of WONDERFUL!

The movie is of the short portion of the life of Chris Gardner. Coming from nothing to something through sheer will and determination. Something that many seem to forget is necessary in today's world to succeed.

The story is to me truly inspiring.
Its mostly revolved around what Chris and his son went through when his son was 5.
Think about that for a minute. In a world today where men seem to not even care about their kids this story of a MAN taking car of his son comes out. Truly AWESOME!

There are scenes in the movie that are symbolic I think.
Like the one of him just getting kicked out of his Motel and having to pretend with his son that Dinosaurs are all around him and they need to take shelter in a cave (subway bathroom).

The scene then shows Chris Gardner (Will Smith) holding back the doors of the Bathroom stall from someone pounding on the door while shielding his son from the noise of the pounding. Tears coming down Will's face in a truly symbolic scene. Such as life pounding away at their lives and Chris Gardner doing everything he can to hold that back from his son.

Most of the movie is Gardner running.
If its not running for his machine its running to get his son from day care.
Hence the Pursuit part.
The man is an inspiration.

Hopefully THE MOVIE and its main character receive more air time then 50 cent or any other rapper out there. No drug slanging or jail time for street cred. But sheer passion, determination and fatherhood. If more youths in the ghettos of America focused on these sorts of people our Ghettos wouldn't be looked at as Ghettos and more like just Neighborhoods.

A must see for everyone I think.

Will Smith should get an Oscar nod for his performance in this one.
And his son was simply ADORABLE! Smart kid. Great Little Will in the making for sure.

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