Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Pipeline explosion kills at least 200

I will be honest here:

Stealing fuel from the country's pipelines is a common and many times deadly occurrence in Nigeria. In May, at least 150 people died when vandals tried to tap a petrol pipeline outside Lagos.

"People try to siphon fuel from a pipeline, and after that, maybe an hour, a couple hours after that -- someone lights a cigarette or a motorcycle engine backfires, and an explosion appears," CNN's Jeff Koinange explained.

These people should be getting this fuel for CHEAP if not damn near free!
These aren't people that in the position to be buying 3 dollar a tank gasoline.
They produce these riches in their soil so their should benefit greatly from its resources. IN SPADES!

That just isn't right that people need to siphon fuel off to survive!

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