Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Chavisimo wants to regin on Venezuela like his daddy!

Emboldened by his landslide re-election win, the typically combative anti-U.S. leader has gone on the attack, deciding to strip a private opposition TV channel of its license and take over some major companies owned by foreign investors.

"Fatherland, socialism or death -- I take the oath," Chavez said.

The man who calls Cuban President
Fidel Castro his mentor changed tradition by draping the presidential sash from his left shoulder instead of his right in what he says is a symbol of his socialist credentials.

Legislators at the ceremony in Congress chanted "Long live socialism."

Investors took fright this week at the leftist drive that further consolidates power in the hands of a former coup leader who already controls Congress, the courts and says he has total support in the army and the giant state oil company.

As the United States criticized Chavez's moves against private property, the stock market lost almost a fifth of its value on Tuesday, debt prices tumbled to a six-week low and the currency changed hands at nearly twice the official rate

So what the economy is crumbling around him.
He loves that crap.
That way he can blame the US for the economy in HIS COUNTRY collapsing.
Cause you know the CIA were the ones that collapsed the stock market there.
Not his Socialist dream!

In his political career, the former army officer has survived jail, a coup and a recall referendum.

A leading anti-U.S. voice in the world and in the vanguard of a shift to the left in Latin America, Chavez now wants to scrap presidential term limits and lead the
OPEC nation for decades.

So where are the leftist freaks that just ADORE Chavez and Castro right now?
Hmmm.. Something tells me that they are all comfy in the US praising him and his new actions mean while enjoying the FREEDOMS of the United States of America.

Liberals of this nature are the MOST hypocritical of them all. They are perhaps the most retarded of the bunch.

On many sites you will see morons talking about "GO CHAVEX GO" Or "Down with the US" Mean while living in States like NYC and California.

Asinine doesn't even begin to describe these folks.

Chavez insists he needs more power to save Venezuela from exploitation and even attack by capitalist countries, particularly the United States, whose
President George W. Bush he has labeled "the devil."

LMFAO... See already blaming the US for what is all in his own head.
And of course the poor of the country will follow him lock step.
Why you ask? Because they are blind I guess. Who knows. Or because dictators in the past have screwed them over. One of the many problems that plague our Latin American countries. CORRUPTION!

This man will be no different. Only think his goal is a war with the US.
How far he will go to get that war is something different all together.

I guess I will be the first to say it.
It would not shock me if within the next 10 years IF CHAVEZ stays in power, that they develop a Nuclear weapon. From technology he buys from Iran and North Korea.
You watch and see.


papiluvspollofrito said...

Chavez has requested OPEC to cut production to raise oil prices!
Freakin asshole!

CP said...

What do you expect from the man.
He wants to export socialism in the place of lower oil production.